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Lt spice: Is there a Freq transfer function (table: frequency, transfer, phase)

Discussion in 'CAD' started by Ronald Buining, Feb 21, 2008.

  1. I use Lt spice.

    I want to design an inputfilter for a circuit of which I have:
    - the transfer function (table: frequency, transfer, phase)
    - the input impedance as function of frequency (table: frequency, transfer,

    What function can I use in LtSpice to import these tables into the
    simulation. I cannot find a function for it.
    If it is not possible with LtSpice is there a alternative for LtSpice which
    can do this. If needed I can spend up to a few hundred dollars.

    I can understand that it is only possible to simulate ac transfer. That is
    ok. I am interested mainly in simulating the ac transfer function of this
    circuit including the inputfilter.


  2. Hello Ronald,

    You can either use the classic E- and G-sources with Freq-tables
    and PSPICE syntax or you an use the B-sources from LTspice.


    V=V(1,0) MAG FREQ=(1e6, 0.893, -26.7) (2e6, 0.705, -45.2) (5e6,
    0.37, -68.3) (10e6, 0.195, -78.7)

    I=V(1,0) MAG FREQ=(1e6, 0.893, -26.7) (2e6, 0.705, -45.2) (5e6,
    0.37, -68.3) (10e6, 0.195, -78.7)

    If you send me your email address, I will send you an example with E and B
    You can download this example also from the LTspice Yahoo group.

    Files > Tut > freq_table_E_B_1.asc Tut/

    Best regards,
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