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LT spice _ LM7812

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by nescafe, May 14, 2012.

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  1. nescafe

    nescafe Guest

    What is the substitute for LM7812 in LTspice ?
    I can find any...
  2. Fred Abse

    Fred Abse Guest

  3. nescafe

    nescafe Guest

  4. Fred Abse

    Fred Abse Guest

    Offhand, no.

    4040 is in a library I have, which says it's from LTC, but I can't find it
    on their site. I think it was posted here a while ago, maybe by John
    Fields, but I don't really remember where I got it from. There's a similar
    74HC library, too, same applies. Sorry, John, if it wasn't you.

    The others you may have to make out of LTSpice raw logic "special
    functions", with appropriate propagation delays and thresholds.

    I don't use 4000 stuff much, if at all these days, so I've never looked
    Put it into a directory where LTSpice can find it, and put:
    ..lib reg_zener.lib on your schematic. It's really a Pspice lib file, so it
    might need tweaking a bit. Pspice lib files usually just run.

    There's a 3-terminal regulator symbol in LTSpice that you could copy and
    adapt, or you can draw your own.
  5. Jamie

    Jamie Guest

    I suppose one may want a graphic that looks like a regulator with
    three terminals and can sim a current source or adjustable source with
    the control pin if desired.

    All this can be done in a sub circuit using the primitive functions
    and assigning a graphic to it.

    Just an idea..

  6. Guest

    For instance, if you put a high power resistor in front of the 78xx in
    order to dissipate some voltage (and hence power), does the 78xx
    oscillate and if so, how large capacitor is needed between the
    resistor and regulator.
  7. nescafe

    nescafe Guest

    I'm building DC/DC converter and the schematics that we are using
    includes :
    - 4060N
    - 4040N
    - 4016N
    - TC4420

    If someone of you knows substitute for this parts, please write down.
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