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LPT Port Output Power

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by Hessam, Dec 8, 2003.

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  1. Hessam

    Hessam Guest

    Can I get 15mA power supply from the LPT port. I have a device which
    at least needs 12mA to work. If I connect it to the LPT Port, will it
    hurt? What is the Max power I can get from the LPT port?
    Thx for any time!
  2. I would think that this should be safe. There are many manufacures
    that are running dongles and other devices from the LPT ports without
    any proglems. Some of them are loading to about 20 ma or so. This is
    especialy the ones using LED's.

    Technicaly, the LPT port was not meant to do this by design. But, it
    can supply enough current to run something small.

    Going from memory, and if someone can correct me, I think it is
    possible to get about 80 ma from an LPT port without any problems.

    Jerry Greenberg
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