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Lowest Cost PV Panels

Discussion in 'Photovoltaics' started by sunnybouy60, Jan 10, 2006.

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  1. sunnybouy60

    sunnybouy60 Guest

    Hello, I've been reading that I should be able to find PV panels for around
    5 per watt. I am looking for a very low wattage panel, around 5 -10 watts.
    According to this formula I should find a panel for 25-50 dollars, all I
    seem to find are anywhere from $70 - $120 for 5 and 10 watt panels. Any
    suggestion on where to purchase a small 5 watt panel for say $25 bucks???

  2. SJC

    SJC Guest

    If you wanted to buy thin film, the most efficient are maybe the Shell CIS
    panels. A 10 watt would cost you $120 or about $12 a watt. But they are
    almost 10% efficient and are not suppose to suffer solar degradation like
    other thin film panels.
  3. sunnybouy60

    sunnybouy60 Guest

    Thank you all for your help.
  4. Package and delivery costs are pretty much per item, not based on
    size. Figure a couple dollars a watt plus a fixed cost for the stores
    costs. Same reason a small bottle of dish soap costs more per ounce
    than the economy size. Call up your hardware store and ask how much
    to deliver one cement block.

    When they have sales you will find Harbor Freight panels for about
    half regular price. I don't know anything about their quality.

    1.5W, $12

    4W, $40

    45W, $200

    50W, $200

    100W, $425
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