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Low power (ultra) high voltage MOSFET

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Ad Sprenkels, Apr 23, 2007.

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  1. Ad Sprenkels

    Ad Sprenkels Guest

    Hi All,

    First post here...
    Anyone knows if they even exist and where to get an N-channel Mosfet capable
    of Vds>2000V at currents up to 1mA?

    More detail: Vds>2000V, Vdg>2000V, Id < 1mA and VT 3-10V.

    Thanks for any hint or comment,
    Best regards,
  2. MooseFET

    MooseFET Guest

    I don't thuink there are any they meet this. You may have to build
    some sort of cascode circuit. Mosfets like the DN3145 from Supertex
    would allow a few hundred volts per stage of the cascode. Depletion
    mode devices have advanages in the later stages of a cascode. You can
    make their gate voltages from the drain voltage of the last device.
    This makes for good sharing of the power all the way down to ground.
  3. Ad Sprenkels

    Ad Sprenkels Guest

    Thanks for your comment!

    I did indeed some experiments with two 1200V (enhancement) Mosfets in a
    cascode like circuit, but has resulted in a rather complicated circuit.
    I was wondering whether anyone on this forum would know about different
    devices. It would simplify the circuit tremendously.
    Thanks again,
  4. D from BC

    D from BC Guest


    Maybe check out tube technology..
    D from BC
  5. Hi Ad,

    OK, not exact fit but may be ;-)

    look to IXLF19N250A

    OK it is built for 19 A but the rest may be OK :)

  6. Ad Sprenkels

    Ad Sprenkels Guest

    Hi Marte,

    Thanks for the info!
    I have spoken to the rep here in the Netherlands about these devices (IGBT)
    but they accept only a minimum order of 24 pieces costing about $105 each.
    This is beyond my budget....
    Anyway, thanks very much and I will try to find another supplier with a more
    appropriate offer.

    Best Regards,
  7. Phil Hobbs

    Phil Hobbs Guest

    Sounds like a job for a tube. Last time I needed to do this sort of
    thing I used an 811A--I really really needed low capacitance as
    well--about 5 pF iirc. That was in about 1990, not 1960, btw. Tubes
    are really amazing for that sort of job--they're not only for separating
    fools from their money.


    Phil Hobbs
  8. Ad Sprenkels

    Ad Sprenkels Guest

    Hi Phil,

    Thanks for the advice.
    I am really going to look for the tube solution, although I am not very
    familiar with using tubes.
    Perhaps a nice time to learn something new...
    Thanks again,
  9. Hi Ad,
    Uff, few years ago I got samples for 20 EUR/piece. They told me that the
    price in series production would be in this range, too. If you don't need
    too much switching speed then you could use a series connection.
    What's your goal? May be I can help more when I know what you want to do.
    You may write me a mail. I'm not every day here, because there is too much
    offtopic nowadays :-(

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