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Low level buzz from Bush TV

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Mad Ad, Feb 20, 2005.

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  1. Mad Ad

    Mad Ad Guest

    Its a cheap 28" 4:3 (Model 2871NTX) that has been great for the buy price
    but its always had a low level buzz coming out of the speakers while its on-
    its not a problem in the day but since i have moved to a smaller place, at
    night when its turned down the buzzing becomes audible.

    It buzzes when its just plugged in to the mains with nothing connected at
    all. Nothing else buzzes like that here, it did the same at the old house
    and plugged in any socket here so I'm sure its the TV and not anything else
    and am pretty sure its always done it from new.

    Do I have any repair options? Anything I can do easily to the supply board
    or speaker lines to smooth or condition the hum out?

    Thanks for any help

  2. Hi!

    If you know what you're doing inside a TV set, or at least know what to stay
    away from, then open it up and have a look. Try disconnecting the speakers
    and seeing if the noise goes away.

    It is possible that the noise is not coming from the speakers. Some cheaply
    designed/defective/overloaded power supplies can make noise when operating.
    Since your TV is probably a fairly modern unit, the low voltage power supply
    probably runs all the time...and that's why you hear the noise.

    If it is power supply noise and nothing seems to be wrong with the set, it
    may just be something that the TV will have throughout its useful life.

  3. Rubbishrat

    Rubbishrat Guest

    Further to the last posters advice, before you open it up, just turn the
    sound right down to zero with the remote and see if the noise stops. :^)
    If the noise stops, the problem might be a bad cap in the audio amp or its
    power supply.
    If the noise is still there, it could be a buzzing transformer winding. Bush
    sets are not the best engineered units out there.
  4. Mad Ad

    Mad Ad Guest

    Hi there, thanks for the replies - Id call myself a hobby electrician, fix
    all my own auto/whitegoods/home appliances as and when, I did electronics at
    school, electrical engineering at college, work in computers now- not much
    to solder in a PC tho :) TVs are odd tho, never learned to repair them but
    yes I know what to stay away from (most of it tbh).

    ok it goes like this.

    Muted or Position 0 on volume - No buzz, total silence
    Position 1 - Buzzzz starts and continues at same level until 4 5 6 the sound
    comes in louder and begins to overpower the buzzzz (which doesn't go away,
    just is in the background)

    And its definitely coming from the speakers and not a transformer buzz. Its
    annoyed me for years and as said, Bush isn't the best of makes but the
    picture is so very clean and still sharp (I'm not a 'everything set to 11'
    person) just the sound is utter rubbish.

    Anyway, Id welcome any ideas to shut it up.


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