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Low-Dropout Linear Regulator

Discussion in 'Beginner Electronics' started by Bill Cotton, Mar 1, 2005.

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  1. Bill Cotton

    Bill Cotton Guest

    I need a 5 volts regulated power supply for my Quest gps. I have modified
    the charging Cradle so that I can use a 4.8 battery pack. I don't get much
    use as the gps needs about 4.5 volts to not use it internal battery. I built a regulator using a
    Maxium 1659 IC. I get 5 volts at 350 ma.
    The external power draw from a external battery, measured a maximum of 650
    ma, highest when powering up. averaging about 380 while simulating a route,
    down to about 60 ma with no activity. This was with a full internal battery.

    I hooked the Maxim regulator to the gps and it cuts out after about ten

    I built a second regulator and wired the output in Parallel. The output
    voltage jumped to 11 volts.

    Is there a equivalent LDR with about 700 ma output. Or is there a way to
    parallel the two 350 ma regulator that I have?
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