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low cost PCB manufacturing

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Francesco Poderico, Apr 1, 2013.

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  1. Hi all,
    Who do you use to manufacture your PCB in UK?
    I have tried pcbtrain for low quantities, do you have any suggestions?

  2. TTman

    TTman Guest

    PCBCART.COM in China.... Yes, i know, not in the UK but top service that I
    have used for a few years now.
    Savings of 50%+ are easy, even with Fedex/UPS shipping and customs
    clearance. You will have to pay VAT up front as well.

  3. We are not allowed to use foreign fab shops. Especially not a

    We are allowed to buy certain foreign made things, like USB cables and
    such. Even that can be frowned upon in some programs.

    Made in house, a custom USB cable costs hundreds each, especially if it
    gets a part number, and has to be fabricated in house or by contract

    That is a simple example.
  4. Syd Rumpo

    Syd Rumpo Guest

    I've used and found them cheaper than
    PCBtrain. No quality issues, good service.

  5. mkr5000

    mkr5000 Guest

    search this ebay seller -- malauid

    just got some incredible boards from him and I palletized which some won't allow.

    10pcs of a 4" x 4" for 40 bucks and free shipping
  6. mkr5000

    mkr5000 Guest

    I just saw that "not allowed to use foreign shops" -- really? I see you're in UK

    I guess they must regulate that in the postal service? I like smart Government but
    you learn something every day.
  7. mkr5000

    mkr5000 Guest

    by the way, who IS an ally these days?
  8. The person who wrote that is not in the UK. The OP is.
  9. "an ally" of who? This is an international newsgroup. What is it with
    all the context-less posts? Nobody has any idea who you are replying to,
    including yourself it would seem.
  10. P E Schoen

    P E Schoen Guest

    "mkr5000" wrote in message
    I couldn't find them on eBay or a web search. But I did find this:

    I have a small 1.75" x 1.20" PCB and their "instant quote" was for a minimum
    of 100 square inches or 48 pieces with $75 setup and $1.04 each and two
    weeks turn. Fab is in Malaysia but the company is (or was) based in Ames,

    For 5 pieces of a 4" x 6" PCB it's also $75 setup and $9 each.

    Prototypes are $18/ea with 1 week turn and *panelizing* is $0.50/part.

    Shipping to US is $15-$20 for 2-3 day service.

    I got a quote from for my small boards: 20 pieces 8 days for
    under $120 total. 75 pieces are $0.96 each 8 days.

    I also deal with who quoted 5 boards in 5 days for

    And the company I do design work for likes (also called
    zoompcb), and they said they would match the pcbfabexpress price.


  11. You ain't real bright. Been doing it for decades.

    Likely will for decades to come.

    Gov manufacturers have contractual rules.

    If one wants to keep one's job, one follows the rules. Non-compliace
    means loss of contract. That means loss of jobs, usually, if not entire
  12. Guest

    I use PCB-POOL ( in Ireland. Low cost for pcb, silkscreen, solder mask, and if you do surface mount, a free stencil. They are also known as Beta Layout.

    Maurice Givens
  13. Guest

    From PCB-POOL, for 5 pieces of 4" x 6", 2 layers, FR4, 0.0629" copper, solder mask, silkscreem (both sides), electroless nickel gold, stencil, 8 working day delivery, for $42.80 ea. ($214 total cost)
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