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Low cost iP phone and ATA development

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Uderman, Apr 25, 2007.

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  1. Uderman

    Uderman Guest

    Hello. I am involved on a voip project that aims to deliver a complete
    voip solution using Asterisk software. We will develop the IP phones,
    ATAs, and a GUI for the users configure Asterisk. My tasks relate to
    the design and construction of the Ip phones and ATAs.

    Our aim is to develop cheap terminals, so they can get popular. For
    that, we plain to implement just the godec G.711 (PCM), as it require
    less computational processing, and so a more cheap BOM hardware.

    My problem is that honestly, I don't have much experience on designing
    embedded systems, and I believe this kind of project is not very
    simple. I am looking for some guidelines on how to obtain the hardware
    requirements on building this system. That`s why I am posting here.

    My assumptions right now is that I will not need a DSP chip, a normal
    microcontroller will be fine becouse the codec implementation cam be
    build on a separated chip, like texas instrument PCM codec chip
    TLV320AIC22C. So I believe all I need is a microcontroller with an
    ethernet interface for the network, and I2C and serial interface for
    the codec, and a RTOS for SIP and RTP implementation. Remember that we
    aim to buld the most cheap IP phone and ATA possible. Those are all
    assumptions for now.

    So, I would like to hear from you any coments, or any help you can
    provide to help me complete my task, like how to choose the cheapest
    microcontroller and perifericals that suits this task. Thank you.

  2. Uderman

    Uderman Guest

    Any coments? Thank you.
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