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Low-cost 4 character 5 X 7 displays

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by Andrew Mayo, Mar 15, 2005.

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  1. Andrew Mayo

    Andrew Mayo Guest

    I have a piece of equipment (a Behringer BCR2000 control surface, if
    you want to look it up) which features a bunch of rotary encoders to
    control musical equipment.

    I would like to add some LED or EL 5 X 7 displays to it so that it
    shows the control assignments along the 'scribble strips' which are
    intended to be written on with pencil.

    This will be an interesting little interfacing project; ideally I
    would have used some kind of plastic film OLED/EL 5 X 7 displays but
    cannot locate any available commercial products. So at present it
    looks like it would have to be something like a bunch of 4 character 5
    X 7 LED displays, like the HP HPDL2416 or something like that. 4
    characters per encoder is plenty to indicate the assignment of the
    encoder; there are 32 encoders and another 32 assignable switches,
    though, which is a LOT of displays.

    I'd therefore like to find a supply of these displays for a reasonable
    price. Any suggestions?. (I would still much prefer some kind of
    elegant thin film display which could be 'stuck on' to the front panel
    but, as I said, I can't find anything like this.
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