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Loud horn to scare squirrels

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by Timbo, Jul 6, 2005.

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  1. Timbo

    Timbo Guest

    I've had it! I've put up all kinds of physical obstacles to prevent
    squirrels from getting to the bird feeder outside my study window, but the
    gymnastic squirrels keep outsmarting me and mastering the obstacles.

    I'd like to be able to push a button on my study desk when I see a squirrel
    climbing up to the feeder, and have an ear-splitting horn next to the feeder
    blast him.

    I've googled (actually froogled) horns, but don't know what I'm seeing. I
    would be grately deepful if you could recommend a relatively inexpensive

    Tim Carr
  2. Guest

    A loud noise might scare them a few times but pretty soon they will
    get used to it and keep coming. Squirrels do quite well in urban
    settings with lots of scary stuff going on around them.
  3. Dale Farmer

    Dale Farmer Guest

    Since this is an electrical group, something electrical involving a high voltage
    source, with one pole being the bird perch, and the other pole being the
    support pole for the feeder comes to mind. Do follow local electrical
    codes though.

  4. I tried a waterproof speaker and recordings of dogs barking,
    owls hooting, etc - none of which seemed to worry my local
    one at all, whatever the volume. Ditto with a home-brew
    ultrasonic "mole-scarer". Of course, it could be that I have
    a deaf one?

    I tried a cutout owl-shape, with some effect. It used it as
    an intermediate platform to get to the bird feeder.

    An electronic flash gun works, IME. Arrange a couple of
    mirrors on the table and fire the flashgun at the mirrors.
    Mine won't go near the table any more.

  5. Karl Uppiano

    Karl Uppiano Guest

    Maybe buy an electric fence. They're available at any farm supply house.
    Follow the instructions on the box, only in miniature, for squirrels.
    They're designed for cows and horses.

    (Removed endless cross-postings. Sorry if you don't see my reply, but that's
    the risk you take when you do that.)
  6. Dean Hoffman

    Dean Hoffman Guest

    The best idea was the one about the PVC pipe over the mounting post.
    Would one of these be better?

    Some of those things are a little spendy. The seed company Earl May
    has some also.

  7. A few yrs ago I downloaded the video for that Yankee Flipper motorized
    feeder. It was on their website. I laughed myself silly watching that
    sqiurrel flip off the feeder when it spun! It was hilarious.

    But it's cheaper than going to the movies for a laugh. Them damn
    squirrels will fall off and go back for seconds, just like a slapstick
  8. Dale Farmer

    Dale Farmer Guest

    The yankee flipper bird feeder has my vote as the best entertainment
    one. ( watch the video clip on the web site. Work safe, but be prepared
    to answer to your boss for the uncontrollable giggling coming from your
    chair. )

  9. Tim

    Tim Guest

    Now That's Really Cool!

    I suspect the squirels would pay just for the ride......

    - Tim -
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