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Loud horn to scare squirrels

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by Timbo, Jul 6, 2005.

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  1. Timbo

    Timbo Guest

    I've had it! I've put up all kinds of physical obstacles to prevent
    squirrels from getting to the bird feeder outside my study window, but the
    gymnastic squirrels keep outsmarting me and mastering the obstacles.

    I'd like to be able to push a button on my study desk when I see a squirrel
    climbing up to the feeder, and have an ear-splitting horn next to the feeder
    blast him.

    I've googled (actually froogled) horns, but don't know what I'm seeing. I
    would be grately deepful if you could recommend a relatively inexpensive

    Tim Carr
  2. DaveB

    DaveB Guest

    Sit with your shotgun sticking out the study window, BLAMmmmmmmm
    Good Entertainment eh?

  3. Remember that other things than the squirrel will hear this, including
    humans (you...). Unless you are very isolated, you could be walking
    towards annoying your neighbours a lot. At the sort of volumes you need to
    really make squirrels go, you risk damaging your own hearing. Consider
    going for sound at frequencies above normal hearing. Look at:
    Look at the PPF4/PPF40....
    The volume involved here is enough that it _will_ cause discomfort to
    humans in the area, but beyond a few tens of feet, this effect disappears,
    removing the annoyance to your neighbours, but the volume involved up
    close is so high, that it should make everything disappear. Make sure it
    is aimed away from you though.

    Best Wishes
  4. Beachcomber

    Beachcomber Guest

    Along the lines of your original idea, go to Google or eBay and type
    in "Personal Siren". You should find an amazing number of personal
    protector alarms with 115 dB electronic sirens for cheap prices.

    Next you have to take this apart and run two small wires (like speaker
    cable) from indoors to outdoors. I would put the siren part outdoors
    and mount the battery and a pushbutton switch (you need a pushbutton
    switch - like a doorbell button) indoors. The battery holder you can
    get from Radio Shack. You might need to do a bit of soldering so
    either learn it yourself or get a friend to help.

  5. Karl Uppiano

    Karl Uppiano Guest

    Electric fence. Quiet, reliable. Inexpensive. Safe. Available at farm supply
  6. Art

    Art Guest

    Check the local ordinance regarding nuisance noise generation before getting
    too involved. May be further ahead asking the local humane society branch
    what they recommend regarding your pests for proper dispersement of their
  7. default

    default Guest

    There are schematics on the web for electric fence chargers. I have
    squirrels also but found some squirrel proof feeders that work.

    Something that worked well for me - one feeder is on a pole and well
    away from trees etc.. The squirrels had to run up the 4X4 wood post
    to get to the feeder. I took the feeder off and slipped a 6 foot
    section of 4-5" plastic drain pipe over it. They can't climb the pole
    if they can't get their claws into it. Worked well, inexpensive,
    quiet, and safe.

    "Ear Splitting" my guess is that's more hassle than its worth. You
    may give up before they do. I'd consider an ultrasonic horn first.
  8. Blueyonder

    Blueyonder Guest

    Personally, my view is anyone that feeds wild birds that, in return, shit on
    their washing deserves to be plagued by squirrels.

    How often do squirrels ever shit on anyones washing ?.

  9. Warren Weber

    Warren Weber Guest

    Fence charger, works any time and you don't need to watch it.
  10. jim dorey

    jim dorey Guest

    maybe try loud ultrasonics, even too high a frequency for dogs to hear.
    some information i've read tends to suggest it'll make the skin feel as if
    it's crawling, nervousness follows, then jumpiness, then an immediate urge
    to either flee the area or kill the thing the sound is coming from. might
    be interesting to see the effect on a squirrel, and any noughbours kids
    that decide to disturb your tranquiliy, i don't think it'd hurt them, and
    it for certain won't damage their hearing.
  11. They are too busy destroying peoples homes to take time out to dirty
    some laundry. They have eaten numerous holes in my soffet as well as a
    couple of holes directly thru the siding. Of course it wouldn't be
    quite so picturesque without the nearly perfectly round holes gnawed
    thru the wooden end caps of the overhangs (from the inside out, of
    course). And what self respecting squirrel would build a nest without
    the complete insulation cover for a 25' piece of HVAC flexible ducting.
    They are simply very smart rats with furry tails and nothing more and
    will systematically destroy your home if given half a chance. They are
    also carnivorous and eat baby birds. You are absolutely right,
    squirrels are indeed a plague. Oh yeah, they really enjoyed devouring
    my A/C overflow pipe too.
  12. I have heard that intense ultrasound can damage hearing. Also, intense
    ultrasound can cause eye damage - at ultrasonic frequencies the lens is
    rather rigid and able to resonate and brittle - beware of overtone
    resonance modes should you avoid the main one that I have heard is not
    much above 20 KHz typically. I have seen on TV how a probe vibrating at
    an ultrasonic frequency is used to shatter the lens to make it easier to
    remove in cataract surgery. I don't know how much SPL is actually
    dangerous here, but I have heard of ultrasonic dog repellers possibly
    being dangerous to eyes at close range. Hazard is probably only at very
    close range within the "beam" of ultrasound - mount horns out of reach and
    you are *probably* OK.

    Other possible ill effects of ultrasonic pest repellers: You could
    repel bats and possibly other enemies of mosquitoes.

    - Don Klipstein ()

  13. They also chew overhead CATV and telephone cables. WHen I worked for
    United Video in Cincinnati, ohio the field techs carried "Sniffers" in
    their trucks to detect RF leaks. A lot of the leaks were from holes
    chewed through the outer aluminum conductor of the .750" and .500 inch
    trunk and feeder cables. We had service outages where they had chewed
    through about 90% of the a outer aluminum conductor and the remainder
    fractured from thermal expansion which caused either 120 Hz modulated
    hum bars, intermittent signal, or a complete outage. the outer jacket
    was supposed to be rodent proof, but it didn't work very well.

    The link to my "Computers for disabled Veterans" project deleted after
    threats were telephoned to my church.

    Michael A. Terrell
    Central Florida
  14. Art

    Art Guest

    Also works great for neighbourhood kids, not lethal but teaches respect for
    electric shocks!!
  15. jim dorey

    jim dorey Guest

    perfect for the strawberry bushes too, just use household power and heavy
    wires, and there will be no squirrels or children, after first experience,
    that will bother your crop.
  16. Rick Y

    Rick Y Guest

    Take down your bird feeder and buy some peanuts.

  17. Get a recipe for squirrel stew.
  18. They're viscious, evil, filthy little rodents that eat live baby birds
    for fun. I could do with a few less around here. I'm buying a fence
    charge for the neighborhood dogs though. I think that will teach them
    to not piss on my front flowerbeds.

    Really? I'd be curious as to what kind of threats were made. What kind
    of person has it in for disabled vets? At any rate, I don't think you
    should let that stop you. You have rights too.

  19. Actually, it was intended to cause me trouble. Someone who has been
    stalking me online for several years made the call, and the local
    Sheriff was informed. A report is on file, and they will follow up on
    it after the hurricane passes, and they finish their drill following the
    London bombings.

    The project is still alive, but I removed the link from my Sig file
    and message headers. I collect, repair and give used computers to
    disabled veterans who can't afford to buy a system of their own. My goal
    is 100 systems from July 1, 2005 to July 1, 2006. That is about two
    systems a week. So far, people have been giving enough equipment that
    I'll meet my goal as long as my health holds up.

    Link to my "Computers for disabled Veterans" project website deleted
    after threats were telephoned to my church.

    Michael A. Terrell
    Central Florida
  20. So, what are you supposed to do with the peanuts?

    I thought the most interesting idea was to sprinkle capsicum powder on
    the bird food, since birds can't taste it. That was news to me.

    Why do people post to sci.electronics? It has been replaced by
    sci.electronics.misc for the better part of a decade. TANST!
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