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Lots of questions :)

Discussion in 'Boat Electronics' started by GC, Sep 15, 2004.

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  1. GC

    GC Guest

    I'm still a novice boat owner so I was hoping someone would be able to help
    me out....
    I have a 17foot runabout, The outboard is a Johnson V4, I think its about
    1975... so kinda old....

    You may or may not have seen my post about batteries a few days ago...
    anyway I ended up buying a new 15 plate 600CCA battery, hooked it up to my
    motor and after a few minutes I got it going.....

    I haven't used the boat for about 3 months.... I played with the steering
    every so often, but never started the engine because the battery was flat
    and I never bothered to charge it..... so now I have new battery and now
    for the questions :)

    During starting the battery.... when I turn the key.... it does it chug
    chug chug as it tries to start..... but then it started making another
    noise.... like umm iti would go chug chug for a bit..... but then it would
    go eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....

    Its that maybe the starter motor coming off the flywheel(I think thats what
    the big round thing is called)??? If so why would it do that???? It started
    to do it more and more.

    The process I was told to start the engine, is to pump fuel to the engine
    with the little black pump, until it starts to get hard....
    Push the idle stick thing to start, turn the key to on, then push it for
    about 10 seconds(I later found out this is the choke)..... then turn it to
    start. Should I release the choke when trying to start??? I try all
    different combinations when I'm trying to start the thing, so I don't know
    the correct way :)

    To stop the engine, I was told I have to push in the key again and turn to
    the start position, the engine then stops.....
    When the engine is running, I used to be able to turn the key off and take
    the key out, and the engine kept going... just my fuel gauge etc turned off
    as they are wired in after the switch, which is obvious....
    What I noticed now though, if when I turn the key to off now, the engine
    stops immediately...... If it did this all along then I would think
    nothing of it..... it works just like a car now :) Turn the key one way to
    start, the the key back the other way to stop..... But I'm a little
    worried, cause it never used to do that... What could be wrong??? I could
    this be right??? I ran the motor for about 10 minutes once it was
    started...... I stoped and started it a few times near the end to from
    this key switch thing.... every time the engine stops when I turn the key

    Another thing I noticed.... the water my last service back in
    Feb/March they cleared the water pump pipes out as it wasn't pumping out
    enough water. So I've always kept a close eye on that and I know it was
    working very well last time I used the boat....
    But at first, no water was coming out.... made me get a bit worried.... I
    cranked the hose up, and eventually water started coming out..... hot at
    first... then it cooled down...... then it got really hot again (the water
    coming out the little hole) and the tempurature alarm starting going off for
    a bit..... it stoped after about 30 seconds, and the water cooled a
    little..... while it was running for the next 5 or so minutes, the water
    coming out was warm as it normally is, so that was a good sign..... Just
    wondering, since I haven't used the boat for a while..... could the 2
    stroke fuel mixture have settled and therefore the correct mixture is not
    going to the battery??? I just don't know why it was warm... then suddenly
    really hot.... then back to normal....
    I'm planning on taking the boat out into this water this weekend..... so
    from what I have said, I hope no one is going to tell me I have major
    problems with the engine.....
    This engine turning off issue is worrying me.

    While I'm here..... My other battery isn't too bad, so I was like get a
    switch and have the two batteries setup.... a few questions about this...
    Does it matter that the two batteries are of different type/age??? (I think
    they have pretty similar specs. but one is a few years old).

    If I setup my new main starting battery as 1, and my other battery for
    accessories as 2... Can I turn the switch to use both 1 and 2 when I'm
    starting to get an extra boost??? Or is this a bad idea? Should I only use
    one battery to start....ANd switch to both when I want to charge both....

    If I start the engine on 1, then switch over to 2, do those switches have
    any kind of break in the circuit??? Based on what I've said above, during
    switching to the other, if I loose power for a split second, the engine will

    I've seen these switches range in price from $20 - $100... they look
    similar, just wondering what the difference is??? Do the more expensive
    ones do a smoother switch over??
    How do they get wired? Do I connect all the negatives together (from both
    batteries, accessories, ignition), then the positive goes to COMMON, and
    the positive of the batteries go to 1 and 2??

    One of the switches I saw a couple of other smaller terminls... I think they
    said T1 and T2... what are they for??

    Sorry for all the questions... I've gotta learn somehow :)
    I think thats about it for now.. thanks in advance!
  2. Doug Kanter

    Doug Kanter Guest

    I don't have time to address your questions, but some of the issues seem to
    relate to the boat sitting around too long without being started. If you
    don't already own one, go right out & buy one of those things you hook up to
    a garden hose and place over your cooling water intakes, so you can start
    the motor in your driveway. Start the motor more often so you find problems
    BEFORE the boat's in the water.

    Or....maybe you're already doing this, in which case, never mind. :)
  3. GC

    GC Guest

    Yeah I am already using one of them..... I mentioned in my email about the
    water going into the motor..... thats how I was doing it... with those ear
    muff things with a garden hose in teh driveway... and yeah I shoudl have
    started it more regularly... but some of these things don't sounds related
    to not starting for a while... like the swithcing off things....
  4. Steve

    Steve Guest

    Yes it is a lot.

    About the engine stopping when the key is turned off. This is odd. I am
    not really familiar with outboards but these symptoms would seem to
    indicate an electrical charging problem. When running is the battery
    charging or are the engine's electrics being supplied by the battery?
    Check the voltage on the battery when the engine is stopped and when
    running. When stopped it could be between 11 and 14 volts (not usually
    as high at 14 though unless only just fully charged). When running the
    engine should be charging the battery and the voltage should be close to
    14 volts. If not it is not charging you key being switched to off must
    be removing the only power (the battery) from the engine which is
    probably only for the sparks.
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