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Looking to build a Stopwatch

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by PeacepPipe, Feb 3, 2004.

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  1. PeacepPipe

    PeacepPipe Guest

    Looking to build a stopwatch with a Crystal display,Like The brand accusplit
    Which has 1/2 Inch or 1" Numbers.Counts up to 60:00:00 and can count the 1/100
    But this time,Instead of the crystal display Be BLACK colored can It be
    done,where the Numbers are Colored ETC:BLUE

    The old stopwatchs back in the 70's,early 80's had red numbers like the Old
    calcualtors and watchs.why was that?

    Please help Thank you
  2. Monk

    Monk Guest

    you can get different colored LCD's but the reason the old ones had
    big red numbers is because they didn't use LCD but actually 7-Segment
    LCD's all tied together.

    There's lots of ways you can build a stop watch, the two that come to
    mind are: 1) logic 2)micro

    you can use software like maxplus II to design the logic circuitry
    nesscesary for a stopwatch, its not too hard I did it about 6months
    ago for my intro to logic class.

    or you can use a microprocessor like the pic or rabbit to code a
    stopwatch that would run with a colored LCD (or LED's for that matter)

    hope this might give you some ideas,

  3. In those days most red dislays were LED's rather than LCD I thought ??
  4. Monk

    Monk Guest

    / \
    | |
    replace with LED

    my bad thinking ahead of my typing again

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