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Looking Hand Soldering Tool for Comp,Monitor,TV,Speakers repair

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Thaqalain, Aug 6, 2005.

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  1. Thaqalain

    Thaqalain Guest

    I get to know from past 6 months of looking home electronics,that most
    of them failed b/c of solder fault.
    I never done soldering by hand,although done SMT Inspection jobs,now I
    know importance of soldering quality in electronics.
    I need to start hand soldering to get repair all my household
    electronics,any idea where and which machine I will purchase for this
  2. Guest

    If you have questions like this.... try using the google search
    engine.... type in "weller soldering iron" and click search. In less
    than a few seconds you will have hundreds or thousands of good hits
    regarding the places you can purchase a "hand soldering tool",
    otherwise known as a soldering iron.
    A small 25 watt, no frills iron will do the job for handyman, do it
    yourself, home soldering. As you tackle more elaborate soldering
    tasks then maybe a temperature controlled soldering station might be of
    interest, but definately overkill for most do-it-yourself home repair
    - - - - -
  3. Thaqalain-

    As Electricitym suggested, you can research soldering iron or soldering
    tool on the web. Some companies that sell such supplies may have tutorial
    information at their web sites.

    A couple of points you should consider:

    1. Take care that you do NOT use acid-core solder or acid flux. It is
    corrosive and will ruin electronic equipment.

    2. There is a trend away from using solder containing lead because of its
    poisonous effects on the environment. There is another reason not to use
    it on modern electronic circuits with surface-mount components. Lead
    amalgamates with silver in these components, causing them to become an
    open circuit.

    During your research, look for information on lead-free solder.

  4. Thaqalain

    Thaqalain Guest

    I tried to reapir broken solder joints under power inlet component of
    my Adapter run PC speakers,my brother said to me that I have damaged
    pad,but today I applied paste on exposed pad area and done strong
    soldering.I don't know why speakers are not giving response.
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