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Looking for very thin (1mm) coax wire

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by Andrew Sarangan, Oct 9, 2004.

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  1. I am looking for some coax cable with outer diameter about 1.2mm (or
    0.05"). It very thin and flexible. I looked at all the obvious places
    (Radio Shack, Newark, Mouser, Digikey) but could not find this. I know they
    exist because I have some. They don't have to be super high quality, the
    diameter is more important. Any help on locating this would be appreciated.
  2. What about the wires on earbud style headphones?

    Or are you looking for RF coax with solid dielectric?

  3. Yes, the earbud style headphones would work, except I need about 5 ft
    length, and the headphones cables don't seem to be longer than about 3 ft.
    If they are so common on earbud headphones, surely there must be a place
    where I can buy this wire, no?
  4. Robert Baer

    Robert Baer Guest

    I remember seeing flat cable that is made of coax cables in place of
    wires; each one would conform to your specs; Belden was one of the
    Looking in Mouser catalog 619 (most recent) page 648 is Belden 83265
    at 0.071 OD (50 ohm); a bit larger that your spec but fairly small.

    From Belden Master Catalog 885 dated (!) 1985:Flat 50 ohm ribbon
    coaxial cable, #28 solid:
    9K5004 is 4 conductor Polypropylene insulation, core OD 0.41" (1.04mm);
    jacket thickness 0.028" (0.711mm); spacing between coax cebters 0.100"
    Drawing shows a coax using Belfoil(R) shield wrapped around the center
    conductor insulator and a shiled wire right beside. The flat cable in
    0.105" (2.67mm) thick. The outside ooks would seem to look just like
    ordinary flat cable.

    That is the best i can do...
  5. Ross Herbert

    Ross Herbert Guest

    Somebody else was chasing this some months back. Don't know where you
    are located but if you are in the UK then this company can help

  6. bj1747

    bj1747 Guest

    Vishay part number STC50A-36T is 0.8 mm OD coax
    Vishay part number STC75A-36T is 1.2 mm OD coax

    I am looking for some coax cable with outer diameter about 1.2mm (or
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