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Looking for transistor 2SC4370

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Richard Rasker, Aug 9, 2012.

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  1. Hello,

    I'm trying to repair a high-power audio amplifier (a Samson SX 1200) with
    one blown end stage. I have all the necessary parts, except one: a 2SC4370
    transistor. In the Netherlands, I can't obtain this particular type, or an
    equivalent type (e.g. 2SC4159), and now I'm a bit stuck.

    It's a transistor for medium high voltages (150V) in an isolated TO220
    housing -- so far, no problem -- but I found that it has also a rather high
    Hfe (100 typical) and fc (100MHz), and that combination is a bit tricky to
    come by. Apart from this, in my experience it's best to use original types
    in audio power stages in any case.

    Does anyone know where I can buy one or two of these devices, preferably
    using PayPal? If someone has one of these lying around and is willing to
    put it in the mail, I'd be happy to pay you for your trouble.

    Thanks in advance, best regards,

    Richard Rasker
  2. OK, thanks -- I got me a couple of these and replaced all parts that seemed
    broken or suspect (as in: all power transistors, and a dozen or so
    resistors). Alas, there's still more amiss in this amp, as the positive
    phase of a low-power sine wave shows some HF artefacts which I know are a
    precursor to full-blown oscillation at higher power levels (resulting in
    once again a fully blown end stage if I'm not careful). So it's back to
    picking it apart again, and doing some more detectoring ...

    But thanks again for the information, best regards,

    Richard Rasker
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