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Looking for some good online resources for a total newbie.

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by %, Jan 4, 2007.

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  1. %

    % Guest

    I'm interested in RF and RFIDs, as well as electromagnetic fields
    (especially the generation, measurement, and detection thereof).

    Think you could help me out?

    Also appreciated would be scrap electronic components, as I'm fairly
    young and most of that stuff is hard to come by. If you can ship me
    whatever crap you don't want, send me an email.

    Sorry if it's bad form to ask for stuff like that.
  2. There are these websites called "libraries", and they have these webpages
    called "books". If they don't have the material there, there are alternative
    webpages called "bookstores" that also have those webpages called "books".
    Some will even sell you these books that others have bought new and discarded.

    The advantage of these books is that since they are getting paid for writing
    them, they will often put in more consideration than something jotted down
    on a webpage. Webpages may be the best choice for fast changing information,
    but books are usually the best thing for the basics.
    This isn't a buy and sell newsgroup. There are places for that. And
    often those places are far more local to wherever you are. Why
    should I want to see people begging for parts when you aren't even likely
    close to where I live? These newsgroups are international.

    But, you also shouldn't have to beg for scrap. Assuming you are
    in a well developed country, there is all kinds of junk that you can
    find that people don't want, and you can take apart for parts. This
    isn't the best source for more specialized components, but you can pull
    a lot of transistors good for common things out of all kinds of consumer
    electronic equipment, along with resistors and a lot of capacitors. They
    also will offer up transformers for building up power supplies, and all
    kinds of switches and LEDs. For someone starting out, it will require
    some learning to figure out that you can use parts on hand instead of
    buying from that parts list, but such scrap equipment will offer a lot
    of the common parts that beginners need just to get started, but old
    timers have because they've been saving junk for decades.

  3. jasen

    jasen Guest

    Find a guy that fixes video players and TVs and ask him if he has any broken
    ones he doesn't want.
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