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Looking for small, high quality, high output audio transducer forhelmet intercom

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Scott Kelley, Jul 3, 2008.

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  1. Scott Kelley

    Scott Kelley Guest

    I have a motorcycle intercom system with helmets that have had
    microphone and speakers installed.

    The intercom system is of high quality, but the speaker transducers
    that are provided are not able to product adequate volume without
    distortion. The problem is that I wear ear plugs while riding, so the
    transducers must produce pretty substantial volume for their size.

    So I am looking for a transducer that is able to produce good quality
    sound (also want to listen to music)at relatively high volume levels.
    I suspect that something like what I am after will be found in a set
    of headphones, but I doubt that any retailer is going to be very
    cooperative about letting me tear apart headphones until I find a set
    that contains a transducer that will work...

    I think the ideal transducer woud be in the range of 40mm diameter,
    thin, with the diaphragm protected on the "front" side from direct
    contact. DigiKey and Mouser show some things that may work, but I
    thought I'd ask here before I started just buying & trying... Any

    Scott Kelley
  2. mw

    mw Guest

    The intercom system is of high quality, but the speaker transducers
    Try looking at in-ear monitors designed for musicians in live performance.

    M-Audio IE-30 Professional Reference Earphones $250
    Shure SCL4 Sound Isolating Earphones with Bass Port $250

    These are described on .
  3. Scott Kelley

    Scott Kelley Guest

    I have in-ear monitors. It's nearly impossible to get the helmet on
    while wearing them without pulling them out. I've concluded that the
    earplugs & loudspeakers is a much more viable solution. Still
    looking . . .
  4. JosephKK

    JosephKK Guest

    The best i have for you is to try a bunch of different headphones and
    try using the pieces after de-constructing them.
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