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Looking for scematic for simple motion detector

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Guest, Feb 10, 2005.

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  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I am looking for a schematic for a simple motion detector. It needs to be
    powered by 6vdc to 12vdc. I am going to connect it to 35mm camera.

    I have looked at motion detectors that can be bought alone and those that
    are used on motion activated lights. Motion detectors alone cost more than
    I am willing to pay and the ones used on lights, that I can find, are 24vdc.
  2. Gregg

    Gregg Guest

    You can get Rat-Crap passive infrared security motion sensors alone for
    about $20. Would those do, or do you need to sense cold-body objects too?
  3. 24vdc.

    The ones I've seen have a 24V relay, but the rest of the circuit is
    usually lower, sometimes only 5VDC. So if you replace the relay, it
    should work at 6 or 12V.
  4. mike

    mike Guest

    There's a PIR motion detector with a radio link to the X10 system.
    Runs off two AA batteries. No reason you couldn't pick off a signal
    inside to trigger your camera. Can't find it, so can't give you the
    model number.

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  5. Archilochus

    Archilochus Guest


    If you have not found this yet, you might be interested in this

    All sorts of info - circuits, controller boards, building instructions,

  6. John Fields

    John Fields Guest

    How much are you willing to pay?

    By the time you have to buy all the parts, the optics, a box to put it
    all in and assemble and test it, it will have cost you a lot more than
    just buying one.

    What do you want to detect, anyway? Humans? Animals?

    From how far away?

    From how far to the side?




  7. Graham W

    Graham W Guest

    I saw an item on British TV today which was a very brief review
    of kitchen 'swing-bins' and one of them opened its lid just as
    the user approached it and took him by surprise. So there's something
    out there which costs very little to make that should be adaptable but
    I have no other information than that.
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Thanks! This is what I was looking for.
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