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Looking for remote wall switch

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by amdx, Nov 24, 2013.

  1. amdx

    amdx Guest

    I'm looking for a switch almost like the one in the URL below.

    This one has two problems,
    It is made for incandescent bulbs only,
    I need one that will work with CFL's.
    I also need one that works just like an ordinary
    wired two way switch. I don't see if this does that or not.

    I would prefer to have this style flip switch,
    but could put up with swmbo until she gets used to a
    different style.

  2. You might want to look at X10 modules. X10 has two-way switches.

    It's not so much whether a switch system will work with CFLs, but whether CFLs
    will work with switch systems. Most X10 modules can switch CFLs, and dim some
    * models.

    * Not to be confused with the food.
  3. amdx

    amdx Guest

    I may need to look into X10, but right now I need to look at the CFL I
    have and see if it is dim-able.
    I can't stand the kitchen light when I get up in the morning, already
    changed it from a 6000K to a 4700K (4300K?) and it is slightly more
    tolerable. I just need to shut it off long enough to get my first cup of
    coffee and light adjust for a bit. Funny, I can fire up my computer and
    that light has much less effect on me.
    I did find this system uses piezo devices to produce power. Kinda neat,
    But is more involved than I think I need to get.

    Thanks, Mikek
  4. amdx

    amdx Guest

    I checked my CFL, it says "Not Dimable"
    Btw, my bulb is 5000k 1550 to 1686 lumens? found three
    ratings for the same bulb.
    ECOT23 or sku384314. May look for new bulb, (again)

  5. "dave" wrote in message
    Correct. But I don't think X10 makes a three-way appliance module.
  6. "amdx" wrote in message
    I'll have to make this clear... Whether the module will turn a CFL on and off
    has nothing to do with whether the CFL is dimmable.
  7. amdx

    amdx Guest

    Ok, I don't have any interest in dimming. What I see is most of the
    simple remote switches are for incandescent bulbs or resistive loads.

    So, where does this leave me?
    Also, I was posting two way switch, i just realized what I want is a
    three way switch system.

  8. mike

    mike Guest

    Any switch module with two wires is unlikely to work with CFLs.
    They rely on current thru the load to run the module.
    When I switched to CFL, I had to rip out the dimmer modules
    and replace with appliance switch modules.

    There were also issues with some loads. Had to remove the module
    resistor that senses the load. It's the thing that lets you turn
    the lamp off, then back on for manual switching. Mods available online.
  9. Guest

    How about this? The normal toggle style is available, too.
  10. amdx

    amdx Guest

    I need to correct a couple errors I made. I want the new switch and
    it's remote to work as a *THREE way switch, meaning, I can turn the
    light on or off from the other switch no matter what position the first
    is in. Also, I just recalled this this already is a three way circuit,
    one switch is hidden behind the refrigerator.
    In all my searches, one thing that never seems to be explained clearly,
    will the switch work in a three way circuit? I have also seen that some
    work with fluorescent lights, but CFL's are not listed. Made me realize,
    ya, there's a difference.

    After reading your link, I'm still undecided.

    Thanks, Mikek

    * previously I said Two way.
  11. mike

    mike Guest

    3-ways are always an issue because of the wiring required.

    There's a thing for X10 that's called stick a switch.
    Model is SS13A.
    It's a switch plate that you just glue anywhere.
    has three on/off switches and a dimmer switch.
    You can stick as many as you want anywhere you want.
    Works with the wireless transceiver module to access
    three wired X10 modules in the house. I've never used it.
    I just have HR-12A remotes scattered around the house.

    There are similar keyfob transmitters that do the same thing
    for x10.

    And there are many different remote switches that don't use X10.
    I have a sack of remote systems designed for ceiling fans.

    If you're gonna buy a whole new set of stuff, X10 is pretty
    outdated. Might be better of with a more modern technology.
  12. amdx

    amdx Guest

    Same warning, "The device controlled by this Z-Wave switch must not
    exceed 600 watts (Incandescent); 15 Amps, 1800W (Resistive);
    or ½ HP (Motor)."
    I found lots of remote controls (tv type) but not a normal wall mount
    flip switch.
    I'm using a CFL, until I change it.
  13. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest


    ** That is a lighting industry term that means " standard CFL".

    All of which are dimmable, with the right dimmer.

    A variac works well as do most trailing edge dimmers - some might need an
    incandescent lamp in parallel.

    Cheap triac ( phase control) dimmers do not dim and must never be used with
    a CFL.

    Even when set to 100%, there are large current pulses that will eventually
    kill the CFL.

    .... Phil
  14. Guest

    X10 has 3-way switches (and 4-way - same remote switch). I'm pretty
    sure the Insteon will do that, too. I'm just starting with Insteon
    (so far not it's not working as I expected, though).
    As long as it doesn't dim, what's the difference?
  15. Guest

    Not here and it's not in their online catalog. Insteon is on their
    site but no reason to buy from them. I looked for some X-10 stuff a
    while back and could find no one who carried it anymore (other than
    online). Seems "home automation" has gone away.
  16. X10 has been around 35 years. It's cheap, and it works.
  17. mike

    mike Guest

    I'd agree, BUT.
    I buy the stuff dirt cheap at garage sales.
    Works well enough, but it's really old technology.
    Susceptible to noise.
    Needs help bridging phases of the line.

    If I were gonna buy it at retail prices, I think
    I'd investigate some of the newer lines.
  18. Robert Baer

    Robert Baer Guest

    One time at Home Depot, i saw an answer to a remote light switch.
    Looking at the receiver box i see: Westek (brand name of American
    Tack and Hardware) Wireless plugin receiver Model RFA-110.
    I have 2 loads on it: one LED light and one Dell Monitor with the RGB
    color face and polarizer stripped off for a diffused light source.
  19. "isw" wrote in message news:[email protected][]...
    Ahem. That is not the common usage of "two-way" or "three-way".
  20. I've got a Wemo device in use now, pretty slick stuff. I can switch my
    lights on and off from Jena Germany or China, with confirmation (if I
    don't want to look at the webcam).

    Best regards,
    Spehro Pefhany
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