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Looking for plasma panel for 42" NEC PX-42VM2G

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by princo coasters, Dec 22, 2007.

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  1. Hi!

    A mate of mine has an NEC PX-42VM2G (42") tv with a broken panel in it - the
    rest was working fine until it got damaged by a cricket ball of all

    Anyone here have a panel from a scrapped set that might fit it that they'd
    like to sell?? or know where to get one? Burn in doesnt matter too much as
    it was being used outdoors under a pergola.

  2. Anyone??????????

    Apparently any NEC 42" panel will do.....
  3. Did someone tell him that the TV is for watching cricket *at home*?
    You're not supposed to take it *to* the cricket.

    BTW, the panel is about 80% of the raw cost of the TV. Even if you
    can find one, it won't be cheap. It's kinda like asking if anyone has
    a nice car that's missing a tail-light, because you have a perfect
    tail-light and want the rest of the car.

    Clifford Heath.
  4. yeah i know.......same with tube on a CRT

    But no harm in asking.....I have a couple of old hitachis that have good
    panels and totally dead electronics - thought someone might be massing a
    plasma graveyard......
  5. Greg

    Greg Guest

    I just picked up one at Auction and it goes backto standby about 10 secs
    after turn on I suspect a logic fault, I'm going to take it back as it
    suposed to be Ok but maybe your interested in the parts from the Auction
  6. email sent..........


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