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Looking for People Interested in Joining an Online Study Group - Greetings from Poland

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Members Lounge' started by SebastianSz, Nov 10, 2019.

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  1. SebastianSz


    Nov 10, 2019
    Hello, I am a student from Politechnika Śląska specifically from the English specialty of Biomedical Engineering, Information Systems in Medicine. I am wondering whether anyone would be interested in joining an online study group that would for the moment specialise in subjects from the third semester of such a course and as time moves on shift through consecutive courses? I do not intend to violate rules concerning spam, but I have been trying to look for potential enthusiasts on several fora now and I am now trying the tactic of going subject by subject at present. The original advertisement would explain the objective of the group in more detail, but for the moment I am looking for undergraduate students just beginning their studies who would be interested in contributing to the Electronics module of our course. Here is the original advertisement:

    For the ever increasing hunt to exponentially improve productivity, halving time while achieving twice more at the same time, this group has the main goal of improving the breadth and depth of knowledge of mutually collaborative members who are interested in improving their know-how of theory and applications of a certain subject as well as in leveling up skills in problem-solving and practical implementation in the area of subjects taught at Politechnika Śląska, under the faculty of Biomedical Engineering, from third semester and above. This group is entirely experimental, but the rewards could be great, and is based on the principles presented in an article detailing the success of the concept of BrainX:

    The following subjects are listed. The first block represents the current set of modules and the second for the forth semester. Times follow the Polish system of education with the Winter semester beginning in October and ending in February and the Summer semester starting in March and ending in July:

    Third Semester:

    Computer Aided Calculations
    Medical Imaging Techniques
    Numerical Methods
    Biomedical Signal Processing
    Introduction to Biomaterials
    Computer Programming Project in C#
    Polish Language
    Non-Core Subjects that Still Have a lot of Value:
    Mathematical Modelling
    Mathematical Analysis

    Fourth Semester:

    CAD Fundamentals
    Biomechanical Engineering
    Automation and Control
    Computer Graphics
    Algorithms and Data Structures
    Medical Database Design
    Medical Electronics Equipment
    Modelling and Simulation of Muscoskeletal System

    The main goal of this group is to have its members mutually collaborate with each other in ways such as sharing concise summaries of read-chapters, filling in the gaps of others knowledge for a certain topic or topics, sharing problems and problem-solving strategies, something interesting that was read that has worthwhile value, etc... with the end result of increasing productivity in the arena of learning. Thus the name of this group, The True Masters of the Student Room. I seem rather proud to be saying that so early, but I had gotten the idea for the name from one album from the Russian music band Kino, "Master of Kamchatka".

    This group is intended for an English audience, however at the same time we can practice some Polish but it is not oriented that much towards language learning. But there is still the possibility.

    So, for anyone who is interested in trying a new "study hack" to improve in the aforementioned areas, please be welcomed. There is of course an obligation to give back as you take, but I think that is implicit in any study group. So, if you are passionate and enthusiastic about learning deeply and broadly then this is the place for you.

    Additionally, if anyone is enthrilled by this idea there are some guidelines that are presented here: This group is entirely non-profit, and I created it because I wanted something oriented more towards students while at a free-cost rather than depending on a business-oriented solution. However, if people feel that this is not the right place to post such content I would be open to suggestions.
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