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Looking for multichannel PID controller IC

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by perfb, Jul 20, 2004.

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  1. perfb

    perfb Guest

    is there a PID controller available in an off-the shelf
    IC package for integration on a PCB?

    or, what would be the cheapest way to implement 16 channels of
    PID temperature control (RTD in -> PWM out)?

    could one get a 16 channel PID temperature controller from
    Omega or Watlow for <~2k$US?

  2. James

    James Guest

    Look at 'Microchips' website. They have many development boards too.
    If you do not find exactly what you want, send me some private email.
    We do lots of embedded control development for other companies....

  3. Tim Wescott

    Tim Wescott Guest

    Or Atmel, or Silicon Labs, or Infineon, or Philips, or, or, or.
  4. Tim Wescott

    Tim Wescott Guest

    The cheapest way for a hobbyist or a product is to use a
    microcontroller, an ADC, and a driver with some PID software. Are you
    doing a one-off, a hobby project, or is this for a product?

    See the various articles on my website for guidance on implementing your
    PID controllers once you've found your processor, or contact me.
  5. perfb

    perfb Guest

    is there a PID controller available in an off-the shelf
    Thanks for info, but would like a dedicated PID controller IC like
    those dedicated motion controller IC's. This would be for a
    medium-volume embedded SBC-type product.

    I am familiar with the motion controller IC's from some time ago,
    but haven't sufficiently kept up with the IC data book barrage lately to know
    if there are similar offerings for a generic PID controller IC.

  6. mark hahn

    mark hahn Guest

    I don't know of any off the shelf pid controller solutions. If there
    were I doubt I'd get as much consulting business as I do.

    Doing a pid controller in a micro is pretty simple. I've done several
    variations on pid temperature controllers. Typically the cycle time is
    pretty slow, so doing a controller in C, using floating point math is
    usually fast enough.

    I've a bit of experience with Microchip PICs in these sorts of
    applications, and development has been pretty easy (though about any
    decent microcontroller would do). Microchip even has some high end 18F
    series parts with 16 analog inputs (18F8720. etc.). You could add an
    analog mux to other smaller microcontrollers.

    If the thought of writing code from scratch for a microcontroller
    fills you with dread, consider hiring somebody to do that part for
    you. If you need more than 10 of these things, you should be able to
    hire someone to do the initial PID control loop design for you, and
    still come in under what it would cost you to buy a commercial

  7. Tim Wescott

    Tim Wescott Guest

    Really a microcontroller is about as close to an off-the-shelf PID
    controller as you could get -- particularly for a temperature controller
    where the speeds will be fairly slow. I doubt that there is a dedicated
    "PID" controller chip that you could design that would be able to do
    anything you couldn't do cheaper and better with a microprocessor and
    some software.

    In fact, for dedicated motor control the market seems to be swinging in
    the direction of small DSP chips with software, as well.
  8. Mike Page

    Mike Page Guest

    Do you have issues with software (medical, safety critical, etc) ?
  9. Bill Schuh

    Bill Schuh Guest

    Sorry for plugging my own company but you asked.
    The CLS or MLS family from Watlow would be one method;

    I'm in R&D so I don't know pricing but you can get that pretty easily
    on the phone. If you are only looking for one unit I see these on
    Ebay periodically. Omega probably has something similar.

    If this is OEM stuff we may have some custom off the shelf solutions
    for you.

    Again I apologize for doing a commercial.

    Bill Schuh
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