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Looking for MP3 Alarm Siren

Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by Beachcomber, Nov 12, 2006.

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  1. Beachcomber

    Beachcomber Guest

    Just Googling around didn't help much with this issue...

    I'm looking for a fairly good quality and loud alarm speaker/siren
    that will allow me to program it with my own mp3 files. I know I can
    jerry-rig a cheap MP3 player to an amp, but I'm kind of looking for a
    simple, all-in-one solution

    Does anything like this exist as a commercial product?

  2. SeanS

    SeanS Guest
  3. SeanS

    SeanS Guest

  4. Mark Leuck

    Mark Leuck Guest

  5. SeanS

    SeanS Guest

    True. Just wanted him to be aware that it uses .wav files and not MP3.
  6. Beachcomber

    Beachcomber Guest

    Thanks! Looks good. I can handle conversion - no problem.

  7. Beachcomber

    Beachcomber Guest

    Follow up - I forgot to say - I want to use a German Klaxon Siren
    (AAAOOOGAAAHHH) to scare the burglars and make a distinctive
    impression on the neighbors. :>

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