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looking for microphone

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by Arpit, Aug 25, 2003.

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  1. Arpit

    Arpit Guest

    hi, im looking for the Panasonic omni-directional back electret
    microphone cartridge WM-60AY. Any ideas?
  2. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    ** Have you looked carefully where it was you last used it ??

    Try tracing your steps from place to place and do a square search.

    Is it under your bed maybe ?

    Did the dog get hold of it ?

    I hate losing stuff too.

    ................ Phil
  3. Hello Arpit,
    I went through this excercise a few months ago for
    a mate of mine in Adelaide.

    Prime Electronics in Sydney could get one for $40 roughly.

    Ross Herbert put me on to these people for a WM60AT $10
    Their postage and packing is high. $8.50
    Maybe you could send your own padded bag with
    new stamp and a new label with your address.

    This man is in Sydney. It might be worth your while
    asking him. I could not find any direct reference to
    WM60AY but I did not look for long.

    As a last resort, if you are really keen on WM60AY only,
    then my mate in Adelaide might sell you one of his spares.

    John Crighton
  4. Arpit

    Arpit Guest

    hehehhehe, thats good :)

  5. Arpit

    Arpit Guest

    ooh, thanks, that does look promising :)
    Oooh, I thought i had read all the articles on that site, didnt see
    that one. Thanks :)
    THanks, but the at should be suitable i think
  6. Arpit

    Arpit Guest

    Na, not worth it, shipping is like 55 USD, Mr. Crighton seems to have
    located a good place, probably will work out much cheaper from there.
  7. Arpit

    Arpit Guest

    Hehhehe, in a wild hope i went to jaycar and got an electret and the
    specs. TUrns out not the one I wanted...The specs are shockingly
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