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Looking for internship near Toronto

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Isaac Bosompem, Oct 14, 2006.

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  1. I am currently in my 3rd year of Electrical Engineering undergrad at
    Ryerson University in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The internship (if
    acquired) is slated to start right after this academic year.
    This effectively delays my graduation by 1 yr, but I think that is a
    really small price to pay for the experience.

    Here is a rudimentary list of my skills, a more thorough one will be
    submitted w/ my resume:

    Programming Languages: C, Java, Visual Basic, Assembly, Win32
    programming, Python

    Compilers/Environment: GNU tools, Microsoft Visual Studio

    Microprocessors/Microcontrollers: M680x0, Z80, x86, 8051, PIC, MSP430,
    ARM7, HC11, Renesas SuperH series

    I ported my Z80 emulator to this app some time ago. My M68000 emulator
    is working and is tested to be quite accurate, but the author no longer
    maintains it or updates it so I decided against porting it (even though
    I can still get into the CVS).

    Programmable Logic: Xilinx Spartan3 series FPGA w/ Xilinx ISE WebPack

    I designed a simple VGA frambuffer 320x240x2-bit and a simplistic
    16-bit CPU in VHDL.

    Electronics: Basic analog electronics (FET's, OpAmps, BJT's, etc.)
    Here all I did was some school projects. Simple stuff: VCO's, FET amps,

    Operating Systems: Linux, MS-DOS, Windows (effective w/ all).
    Been doing installs on all OS's for quite some time now. Used MS-DOS
    while I was growing up (had it first running on a 16Mhz 386SX).

    Most the stuff I have learned was from buying products containing the
    previously mentioned items and playing around with them and their
    associated tools and reading my dads old college books (he studied
    electronics engineering technology at NAIT. They did extensive course
    work in digital electronics).

    I really do not have any related engineering experience. I did work for
    GO Transit this past summer, a major transportation company here in
    Ontario, as general help. I was called on one day to look over some
    computer scans of microfilm schematics of the trains (and electrical
    systems) to make sure they were up to par.

    I would like to shadow some teams in the engineering sector to get a
    feel of what you guys do in the industry. I would like to see how you
    guys solve problems, tackle issues or shortcomings you come up in
    development and the like. I'd also like to learn from the people
    working in this industry in general since they have a wealth of
    knowledge and experience. Sometthing I think can be invaluable to me in
    my career.

    They have some listings at my school, but they are not exactly what I
    am interested in. Thanks for listening to my story!

    Any companys you know of in Toronto?
    I know Altera has some offices here. Might try and get a hold of them
    later on.


    (This is a reposting as suggested by a responder in the previous
  2. joseph2k

    joseph2k Guest

    Do not even take the nearest fit, you still need broadening. Take a low
    moderate fit, you will learn much more that way.
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