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Looking for info on ionizers

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by bloggybob, Jun 16, 2006.

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  1. bloggybob

    bloggybob Guest

    would like to build an ionizer /filter for my home ....i am seasoned in
    electronics repair etc. just looking for some schematics or any info
    obtainable ... ive built a ramsey ionizer kit but now im going bigger and
    better and on a larger usable scale preferably.. thanks for any info

  2. n cook

    n cook Guest

    Why do you wish to poison yourself with Ozone ?
  3. bloggybob

    bloggybob Guest

    i wasnt aware that it was bad for you ... can you elaborate more plz?
  4. GregS

    GregS Guest

    I have built different purifiers. Ionizers basically emit an ion wind. If
    you do it right there is no high level of ozone. You can also have an oppositely
    charged plate to help collect them. I have seen many dirty walls caused by
    ionizers as the particles stick to nearby objects. They are in many air filters
    or part of them. For my first HV plate type, I went to Sears and studied
    there system. I just copied it. Later I bought a small tabletop
    model from Sears. Same as that one on TV. An electrified dust particle
    will be attracted to a opposite charged plate. The plates are spaced + - + - + etc.
    An emitter is placed in front of the plates to charge incomming particles.
    There are tons of these filters installed everywhere, including all bars for
    smoking. Its fun and sometimes economicle to built your own, but
    it sure is easier to just buy them. I don't see as many HV transformers on the maket,
    especially from Herbach & Rademan, but the use of small switching transformers
    would be the way to go now days. Ozone machines can also be very nice.
    while people are vacant, Ozone cleans up the bad smells from bars and restuarants at night,
    allthough some use them while people are there, not a good thing.
    I also bought an ozone machine for personal use. Yes, I have built Ozone machines.
    Running HV 60 Hz AC to closly spaced electrodes will produce Ozone. There is another
    machine which many electronics assemblers are familiar. When you emit both
    pos and neg ions, this will reduce electrostatic discharge problems around
    electronics. There is no effective cleaning action. Its also used in some small nozzle
    air guns.

  5. GregS

    GregS Guest

    Ozone is bad for you. Air filters are good for you.
    One thing an electric cleaner does not do, well I,m not entirely sure,
    is clean up Radon. Radon is bad for you. A carbon filter can collect Radon gas.
    I would think the gov't would inform all people that using a carbon flter is best for you health.
    I see and smell the Ozone of many lamps used around in hospital or food
    type areas. I also smell the clean Ozone smell when the sun is shining brightly into
    a room. This is contrary to "Ozone is bad for you" syndrom. They don't tell you
    to close the drapes and shut out the sun. allthough most new windows
    do inhibit ultraviolet and infra red rays from going through to any
    great amount.

    I will never forget the first tme I drove into the LA basin
    from the desert in Ca. Oh my.

    During a Radon test, PA. regulation state that an electrostatic filter
    should not be run during a test. Well you can take that for what it is.
    They however do not say anything about a carbon filter. Funny
    how things are. I recently bought a Radon monitor myself.
    Did you know that when it rains the Radon levels inside go up.

  6. bloggybob

    bloggybob Guest

    Excellent post and great info !! thank you Greg ... much much appreciated :)
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