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Looking for ideas on parts drawers

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by Peter, Nov 21, 2003.

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  1. Peter

    Peter Guest

    Hi all.

    I recently purchased a large quantity of chips, parts, meters etc. Up
    until now, I have always only needed a few parts drawer units.

    Now I want to sort out stuff etc. Where does everyone but storage
    units etc? I have an account with farnell but their units are too
    expensive. Jaycar etc only have small units.

    Suggestions anyone?

    regards, Peter
  2. Hi Peter,
    Well in my workshop I've got jars nailed to the underside of
    shelves. What I actually did was nail the lid of a jar to the
    underside of the shelf and then fill the jar with what ever components
    I want and then screw the jar back onto the lid.

    This is a good system for up to about 10 different jars. In my workshop
    when ever I'm looking for a component I just look up and I can
    see what I want.

    I do have a set of little plastic drawers but my most commonly
    used items are in the jars. If you are hellbent on getting looking
    at hardware surplus stores like WA salvage here in WA or Ross's
    Salvage(also here in WA) I pick mines up at an auction by Ross's
    Auction(the auctioneer side of Ross's Salvage). Got 5 lots of 10
    draw systems for $40.
  3. DJ

    DJ Guest

    Years ago I bought fastener (nuts and bolts) and paper clip collections that
    came in plastic drawers, and tossed out the contents. However you obtain the
    drawers, if they are plastic I suggest you line them with alfoil to minimise
    the risk static damage to cmos chips.

  4. Mike Harding

    Mike Harding Guest

    A few sets of 3 x 3 drawers I have came from the $2 shop
    and held (crap quality) screws. Threw out the screws but
    kept the drawers.

    I also bought (but never used?) a few sets of plastic food
    storage boxes with lids from Safeway, came in packs of
    6 and are about 65 x 50 x 20.

    However my main component storage is in a set of
    plastic boxes with clear sliding lids which stack neatly
    on top of each other, I obtained these from the "Sterile
    Supplies Dept" of a hospital about 20 years ago, they
    were supplied with sutures inside, the hospital use to
    throw them away!

    For small nuts, screws and washers I have a single plastic
    box about 10" x 7' x 1' which has around 30 fixed internal
    divisions, about $8 from the sort of shop which sells that
    sort of stuff - I just dread the day I drop it! :)

    Mike Harding
  5. Steven G.

    Steven G. Guest

    Look for the brand name "Fischer"
    Kmart stock them. a 5 x 4 drawer (20) is about $20.

    Have a look.
  6. Rob

    Rob Guest

    For bigger bits try your local icecream 'parlour' and see if they have any
    empty tubs. The rectangular plastic tubs are pretty tough and are usually
    free or 50 cents each. Good for connectors and bigger parts. You need to be
    quick as the local kindergartens usually snap them up.

  7. weco

    weco Guest

    As a aprts scrounge of many years this has been an ongoing problem...

    I currently have around 10,000 differant parts and have found no ideal

    Currently I use envelopes
    and antistatic bit of foam keeps the leads from getting mashed and protects
    the part from ESD

    A cheap label program prints the labels with my own part numbers the
    industry part nimber and a description.
    They take up very little useless space, are extremely cheap and can have
    parts added on the fly without having to reorganise the entire drawer
    matrix.... I still have plastic drawers but they annoy me when this happens
    For small quantities or small parts this system is hard to beat....

    I like the plastic sample box idea...wish I had a source for cheap/free ones
    like that...but they would take up too much space for some stuff....

    In my mechanical shop I have a standard 4"x4" fence post cut up into blocks
    with holes drilled in them. I run a steel shaft through them and screw mason
    jars to each face....This only works if the collection is relatively
    static....If you change what you have it gets to be a pain....also dropping
    the jars is annoying...

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