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Looking For I/O Card Solution

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by moo cow, Aug 11, 2006.

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  1. moo cow

    moo cow Guest

    hi all im looking for some 96 way i/o cards prefer pci, does anyone know
    where i can get a pair and roughly how much i would pay


  2. are the ducks guts.
    Assuming you need TTL input, the PCI-6509 is:
    $440 + cable(expensive)

    Cheaper lesser name solutions exist if needed.

    Dave :)
  3. I gotta admit Don, after all the crap i delt you with advertising
    here, those USB serial devices are pretty decent. I detest USB because
    I think its not robust enough, but we only have a couple of incedents
    each month. I dont know how many devices have been purchased from you
    but i suspect its at least around the 200 mark. And BTW, the drivers
    used are the same as the CD shipped 2 years ago, so an upgrade would
    probably fix a lot of problems :)

    What about ethernet to serial? WE are designing a new system ATM.
    ethernet to hp versalink fibre (1 serial port) under $100 would make
    for a lot of business!!
  4. We only create PC images when we get a new PC, so whatever you shipped
    2 years ago is what we are using!
    Also add the fact that now most cheap consumer PC's only have 2 PCI
    slots, so adding in PCI serial cards is not an option, hence the
    reason we use USB.

    The biggest pain with USB is no locking connecter. Add that to the
    fact that I am to lazy to write software that will release and renew
    the handle to the comm port when a disconnect happens. I often think
    that I should write my own driver that talks directly to the FTDI USB
    driver, and avoid the virtual comm port thing.
    I dare say this one will be outsourced to an engineering firm. Initial
    numbers of 1-2k required. Firmware probably to be written by myself.
    Offers welcome :)
  5. dmm

    dmm Guest

    Check out

    They've got ethernet to rs232/485 servers. Don't know the price unfortunately.
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