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Looking for HID 12V ballast schematics

Discussion in 'Beginner Electronics' started by Andrea Dini, Feb 2, 2005.

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  1. Andrea Dini

    Andrea Dini Guest

    I try to repair HID headlight ballast for my car, I need Philips /Hella LVQ
    212 L300 schematics diagram
  2. Art

    Art Guest

    Probably will need to order the item as part of the complete headlight
    assembly from the dealer or manufacture of your respective vehicle.
  3. Andrea Dini

    Andrea Dini Guest

    I have a group of military handle light torch using D2S xenon HID lamp
    supplied by a 12V 5,/Ah sealed battery.
    The item use a converter DC\AC from 12Vcc to 85Vca 400Hz for xenon lamp. The
    internal igniter give a firing pulse over 25KV to fire xenon arc.
    My problem is that the converter ballast , an Hella Philips product not work
    well but i haven't electric diagram (schematic). I understood that, at first
    there is a DC /DC converter, a PWM controlled DC/AC bridge MOSPOWER circuit
    , at last firing circuit with step up converter and EHT serial line
    transformer. These notices are not sufficient to repair my Ballast.
    Than you
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