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Looking for DSO in 2000 Euros price range

Discussion in 'Electronic Equipment' started by Jedi Router, Apr 9, 2007.

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  1. Jedi Router

    Jedi Router Guest


    Can someone recommend a good DSO in the price range of 2000 Euros?
    Problem is that several models offer same functionality and sample
    rates of 1GS/sec...but there is hardly a chance to be able to
    test all those different models before buying one...

    Any feedback from you in the every day life?

  2. Jean-Yves

    Jean-Yves Guest

    I searched for a combined oscolliscope because as I read everywhere you
    dont see everything on a dso, and you can't capture long slowly
    variingsignals with an analog scope...
    fluke (and philips) used to make combiscope, but are not sold anymore.
    hameg still makes combiscopes (hm1507 is in your price range)

    others make very powerfull dso using color techniques to try to show
    with a dso what analog scopes show easily...but these are over 5000
    euros most of the time...

    some people tested cheap dso on this newsgroup, and reported to have a
    lot of errors, bugs of firmware with them...

    so ?

    I bought a used fluke pm3394 on ebay for less than 1000 euros, shipping
    from usa and vat included....combiscope 4 x 200MHz analog and digital
    and i'm very happy with it...
    I waited for it quite a year...

    if you can't wait buy the's still a good choice.

  3. KC

    KC Guest

    Hi Rick,

    I can confirm what Jean-Yves wrote. The Hameg scoops are good
    instruments for that price.
    Philips Combi-scope is better but new price now would be 5-10 times
    But for the Hameg scoop you can buy parts and there is no support from
    Fluke for all the nice instruments Philips made. (except the scope

    Regards, Kees
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