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Looking for datasheet ML4410

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by Yeung, Dec 8, 2005.

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  1. Yeung

    Yeung Guest


    Does anyone know where I could find one? I tried contacting Micro Linear
    and the reply is that they have sold the line to FairChild and when I
    contact Fairchild, I got no response.

    Please reply by posting to the newsgroup! I purposely set the reply
    email to something else to confuse those annoying spammers!

    Thank you and best regards!
  2. Yeung

    Yeung Guest

    Thanks, but I have tried that already. I have also tried as well. I can find ML4411. I know ML4410's
    function is the same as ML4411 and ML4411 is suppose to be better than
    ML4410. However, I have a few ML4410 left in my tool box and would like
    to use them to drive the hard drive's spindle motors.

    Oh! Well, I think I will stick with L6238 and TDA5144 and TDA5142.

  3. newtype

    newtype Guest

    .... snip ...

    i will post the ml4410 in jpg format. 1991 micro linear databook
    replacement hitachi ha13481s
  4. newtype

    newtype Guest

    .... snip ...

    it's going to take a few days, maybe it'll by wed or thurs

  5. This is not a binaries newsgroup. Post it on
  6. Franc Zabkar

    Franc Zabkar Guest

  7. Rich Webb

    Rich Webb Guest

    Too late. I think I've already heard a chorus of **plonk** relays
    opening. I know mine has.
  8. Yeung

    Yeung Guest

    Thanks! I looked at that as well. Unfortunately, the packaging is
    different. The ML4410 is of PLCC. Thanks! I will use L6238 or the ones
    from Toshiba which aren't too bad. I could spin the spindle motors up
    without any issue. The only draw back of L6238 is that I have to provide
    system clock and PLL signals. Now, I will have to make some attachment
    for a propellers, then I have a recycled drive system for my RC plane.

    Thank you for all your replies and apologize for any inconvenient I
    might have caused!
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