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looking for datasheet for Phillips OQ8875 CD Rom laser

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Bradley1234, Jul 1, 2004.

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  1. Bradley1234

    Bradley1234 Guest


    Im working on some CDs and trying to test an Acer 12x CD rom, Im now
    at the chip that drives the laser and am unable to locate the obsolete
    datssheet for the laser driver OQ8875. Does anyone know of the
    datasheet? and an app note would help also.

    Im looking for the signals and am getting pretty much flat DC, I can
    see the laser beam is on, (and use safety precautions) but I want to
    see the cd rom data being picked up.

    I searched for that datasheet and the place that had it? it was
    actually an OQ8868, which is a totally different chip, but they put it
    under the 8875 part number on their database. Im waiting for a
    response from Phillips, but its obsolete so assistance is much slower.

    And any technical notes on how to trouble shoot the laser circuit and
    get the data signal? is greatly appreciated

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