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[?] Looking for data sheet on Siliconix J-FET's

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by David Chapman, Sep 5, 2012.

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  1. I have a number of Siliconix J-FETs type E310 and E430 (dual) in my
    spares box and despite Googling to try and find data sheets for them,
    the only ones that keep appearing are for the J310 or U310 which are, I
    believe, electrically similar devices.

    Just wondering if anyone in this NG happens to have a copy of the
    ORIGINAL Siliconix data sheet for the E310 and E430 devices which they
    could copy and forward to me?

    Alternatively, can someone tell me the pin-outs for the devices that I
    have - the E310 package is not in TO92 like the J310 but a rather
    different round ceramic one. The E430 is also ceramic but of larger
    diameter with six pins.

    Many TIA - Dave.
  2. Robert Macy

    Robert Macy Guest

    Don't have, but used to talk directly to them. I think now Vishay owns
    them, right? Try a local Rep who has interest in keeping you happy.
  3. legg

    legg Guest

    The ceramic/epoxy versions are intended for direct sub in economy
    commercial circuits, using the same die. The flat detail on the side
    corresponds to the tab on a metal can version.

    The epoxy/ceramic parts were discontinued before 1982.

  4. Hi Dave,

    I've found data and outlines for E 310 in National Semiconductor's
    Transistor Data Book 1974.

    Here <>

    you can download a scan.



    BTW: Could you imagine to sell one or two of your E 430s?
  5. Hi Reinhart. Many thanks for that useful information. I'll e-mail you
    directly regarding the E430s.

    ATB - Dave.
  6. Many thanks for clarifying the origins. Much appreciated.
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