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Looking For CA5815CS Wideband Linear Amp Chip

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by Jim Butler, Jan 31, 2007.

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  1. Jim Butler

    Jim Butler Guest

    Hello all..
    This post is more or less a follow-up to my RFQ post from yesterday. What I
    am in need of, is a CA5815CS wideband linear amplifier IC . The device is
    rated at 1 watt output and has a typical gain of 15db over the rated band
    range that I need it to operate in and that includes frequencies ranging
    from 10MHZ up to 200MHZ.. If this chip is difficult to find or not
    cost-effective, can anyone here recommend a modern alternative that I might
    use? I really don't care what package style it is, or anything like that. I
    am in the process of conceiving a new layout for all the parts on the board
    anyway, so right now I am very flexible and can accomodate pretty much any
    chip. Any suggestions would be very appreciated..

    Jim Butler
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