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Looking for broken lap tops.

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], Nov 5, 2005.

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  1. Guest

    Hi all, I am a blind person. What do people do with there lap tops when the
    screen goes out? I sure like to have a couple. I can install my screen read
    software and still use the lap top just fine. If anyone has at least a 366
    mhz or better they would like to get rid of, I would be interested. Just
    e-mail back to this address. This might be the wrong news group to post
    this, but I know everyone tinkers around with computers all the time. Take
    care from Dana in Griffin, Georgia.

    PHONE: 1-770-229-4240
  2. Guest

    I might actually be able to hook you up. Unfortunately with my current
    finances I can't do it totally free. Not that I intend to make any
    money, but I would simply need to be reimbursed. This would be cheap.

    I work at a TV shop with an owner that like an old horse trader. It's a
    bit like a junkyard, but we put together nice product and sell it, we
    also buy unwanted non working TVs etc. Sometimes people do come in with

    Generally we don't really buy working units, but up till now have
    generally refused laptops with bad displays.

    If he were to give like $5 for those that had a sticker saying "made
    for Windows XP" it would probably suit your needs. Windows 98SE was
    also installed on alot of PCs in the 400 Mhz range. Other than that it
    might be hard to tell if it's a 366 or better. Also I assume it needs
    sound and will need a VGA output at least for initial programming.

    I'll do it for free, but money is tight, just what they cost, which
    will be cheap, and shipping. Ideally ship two or three at the same

    I'll put the word out.

  3. Dana

    Dana Guest

    I would like 1 that would at least run 98 or better. I will pay for 1 no
    problem there. I didn't know if you would get this post, so I sent it to
    both the news group and your e-mail. You are the person I need to talk to
  4. Go to and download "Advisor". It is a free program
    that will tell you a lot about a PC, including the processor speed.
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