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Looking for A3951SW parts

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by DANFuboco, Nov 15, 2003.

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  1. DANFuboco

    DANFuboco Guest


    Looking for up to 600 of a Alegro A3951SW, if you have them or can get them,
    what is your cost?

  2. (DANFuboco) wrote ...
    Dan, those parts were discontinued over a year ago.
    There was a notice from Allegro in May of 2002 saying
    last-time buy would extend until Oct 28, and then a
    discontinuance notice in Nov.

    The usual next step is to poke around surplus houses.
    I tried Rochester with no luck, but there are others.

    After that one considers replacement parts. Allegro's
    A3952SW is a nearly identical part, with 1540 pieces
    immediately available from one surplus house.

    Finally one considers changing the PCB, or designing
    a replacement simulated part on a daughter board, but
    it appears you won't have use that painful extreme.

    - Win
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