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Looking for a waterproof junction box...

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by davidd31415, Jun 27, 2005.

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  1. davidd31415

    davidd31415 Guest


    I'm looking for a solution to water/dust proofing multi-pin electrical
    connectors. A problem I have is that the grommet through which the
    electrical wires will pass will need to be much smaller than the
    connectors, and I'd like to be able to get the connectors in the box
    without removing them from the wire. The box will need to be removed
    on a regular basis as well (this will be used for testing purposes).

    A design I've been envisioning is a a box which opens up like a
    clamshell, and has two holes with half-grommets in each. When closed,
    the box would bring the half-grommets together to form a whole grommet
    again. This would allow one to open the box, lay a cable in the
    grommet (instead of pushing it through as you would need to with a
    regular grommet) and then close the box. The electrical connectors
    could be in between.

    I have not yet experimented with this so I am not sure if special
    grommets would be required for this type of design.

    The box will need to be waterproof; salt water will be sprayed on it
    but it will not be submerged.

    If anyone knows of such a design already in production out there, or
    has another recommendation for a solution to this problem please post
    it here!

    These would
    be perfect, if one side was hinged.

    I have been using di-electric grease compound until this time but dust
    and sand ends up sticking to it and creating a big mess in the long

    Thank you,

  2. John Fields

    John Fields Guest

  3. davidd31415

    davidd31415 Guest

    My goal here is to protect the connectors during environmental testing
    (not testing the connectors obviously).

    The devices being tested move out and back into environmental testing
    daily and need their original connectors for other daily tests. The
    original connectors would still need to be protected. Removing and
    replacing the connectors between tests is much too time intensive to be
    an option.

    I would like to use the connector waterproofing boxes with several
    groups of devices coming into environmental testing, so that is a
    factor as well.


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