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looking for a thermistor

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by GLM590620, Apr 7, 2004.

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  1. GLM590620

    GLM590620 Guest

    Can anybody help me, i'm looking for a particular type of thermistor which is
    fitted to a drive card on a cnc machine, it looks like it's two thermistors
    encapsulated in an aluminium block which is 10x15x6mm and the four leads are
    insulated, there are no markings on the unit to identify it, the resistance
    from one pair is 3.776K at room temp ie 24 Deg C, and the same for the other
    pair, has anybody seen this type and where can i get them.

  2. I might be able to help you find a pair of thermistors that you can
    pot in the hole, but first need to know more than just the resistance
    at one temperature. You need the resistance at another temperature,
    at the very least. It they are positive temperature coefficient
    devices, they may have a very nonlinear switching temperature, and you
    would need to know that.
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