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looking for a standard(?) electric motor (picture)

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by LC, May 4, 2007.

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  1. LC

    LC Guest

    Good day dear reader(s), =)

    recently the last electric motor of a special(?) series has
    given up on me.
    Judging by their looks, I would guess that the motors come
    from China and probably cost less than 10 cents each.
    I am now seeking for a (hopefully more long lasting)
    Not being a specialist and probably not knowing where to
    look in the first place, I couldn't find anything in the
    catalogs or on the Internet, although the motors seem to
    have some sort of standard proportions. I can remember
    having had a few from different manufacturers of the same
    size as a child. Unfortunately I don't have them anymore.
    The motors are approximately 3 CMs long, 2 CMs wide and
    1.5 CMs high. They usually run with 2.4 V and have a
    gearwheel with 15 teeth. Nevertheless, the voltage makes no
    difference to me (everything between 1-12V and <1A is just

    Take a look at the picture, which shows the motors and their

    I already looked for a while in vain for a fitting
    substitute. If somebody of You has a little knowledge of the
    subject, then here's an opportunity to render some poor
    bastard a little bit happier... >:O}

    With kind regards,
    LC ()
  2. Bob Minchin

    Bob Minchin Guest
  3. Charles

    Charles Guest

  4. I try and first.
  5. LC

    LC Guest

    Thanks everyone! =)

    Mabuchi indeed (all voltages, coals or simple copper, etc.)
    offers the biggest selection. Of course the prices are
    somewhat higher though...

    I thought the motor had some sort of standard size, but as
    it turns out - the producers all have their own standards;
    not a drama either.

    Again, thank You for Your help!
    LC ()
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