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Looking For A PDP-12 Lab Computer - Reward Offered

Discussion in 'Electronic Equipment' started by O. Sharp, Sep 2, 2004.

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  1. O. Sharp

    O. Sharp Guest

    Hello! I'm looking for an old Digital Equipment computer, a PDP-12, to
    purchase for a computer restoration project. Since they once had fairly
    wide use in medical labs, especially for neurological studies, I'm
    hoping someone here may know of one that may be available.

    The PDP-12s were built as laboratory instruments back in the late 1960s;
    they usually come in a cabinet about 6 feet tall, have one or two
    small magnetic tape drives on the front, and have an operator's console
    with several dozen impressive-looking lights and rocker switches on them.
    A picture of one, which I'm hoping some of you may find familiar, can be
    seen at:

    I'm hoping to find one that's in reasonably-restorable shape, and if by
    chance there's software and/or documentation as well that would be a
    great bonus. There's a restored PDP-8/I here to keep it company, too. :)
    Price is negotiable, depending on condition, and of course I'll be
    willing to arrange and pay for shipping. (If it happens to be in or
    near Seattle, that would certainly make it easier.)

    Does anyone know of (or, perhaps, even have) one that's available for
    purchase, or may be available later? If you do, please e-mail me. I'm
    also offering a $100 reward to whoever first introduces me to the -12
    I buy, as a small thank-you for lending me your eyes to look for it. :)
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