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Looking for a part...

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Daniel Rudy, Jul 9, 2004.

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  1. Daniel Rudy

    Daniel Rudy Guest


    I'm looking for a hex to 7-segment decoder/driver for a LED. I know
    that Motorola used to make one some time ago, the MC14495 but I cannot
    find any substitutes. Does anyone know WHERE I can find one, or four.
    Or even something that performs the same function.

    I was also thinking of using an FPGA if I had to, but I need the latch
    and driver functionality as well.
  2. John Miller

    John Miller Guest

    Depending on how desperate you are, PartMiner show 13 available but they
    don't show a price and they have a minimum $100 order for in-stock items.
    Also, you need to set up an account (

    Alternatively, there's a place in Ireland:

    showing the driver for about US$15.


    "Daniel Rudy"
  3. Lou

    Lou Guest

    I "might" have one, in a Radio Shack brand. I have a shop here - doing 2 way
    radio/ham/cb/audio repairs and also do buy outs and such. "I" do not require
    any minimum purchases. BUT I also do not guarantee parts which "I" do not
    install. These parts ARE all NOS. Meaning brand new in package - old stock.
    I'll look through my inventory and get back to you. Parts/items are at cost
    as I list plus shipping and payments via Postal MO. Shipment is then made
    either the same day or the next business day AND insured. I do not send
    anything out uninsured. Yes, the shipping may add up, but then again, what
    is cheaper - $5 or $6 with shipping or $100 minimum order plus shipping for
    a $1+ part needed?

    I have lots of odd ball parts here and even some removed from other items
    (salvaged) which are useable. Never know what you may find here. Just keep
    me in mind. If I have it, I'll tell you. I'm not that expensive in parts, it
    is the shipping, which I have no control of.


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    Subject: Looking for a part...

    "Daniel Rudy"
  4. John Fields

    John Fields Guest

  5. CFoley1064

    CFoley1064 Guest

    Subject: Looking for a part...
    If you're not looking for a pin-for-pin replacement, you might want to try the
    CD4511, which is available from several manufacturers. Try Mouser's
    512-CD4511BCN, which is available for $0.81 USD ea. in single quantities.
    They've got an on-line data sheet, too.

    Good luck
  6. Is that what the MC14495 is? It's an obscure enough number that I need
    to look it up, and my circa 1977 Motorola CMOS book does not even have it
    listed. My first guess was that someone had picked the wrong number, or
    was trying to do something obscure (like convert from seven segment to
    something else).

    The 4511 was always the common BCD to seven-segment decoder in the CMOS
    line. Unless there was a good reason for not using it, it is the one
    to use since it was common.

  7. Daniel Rudy

    Daniel Rudy Guest

    And somewhere around the time of 07/09/2004 08:09, the world stopped and
    listened as John Fields contributed the following to humanity:
    The post was in the wrong group. It was supposed to go to the
    components group. Anyways, this is a new design. If you have a
    suggestion, I will be most gratefull. Basically, I have 16 digital
    lines going into a R2R ladder. What the LED readouts do, is display a
    number for each nibble which gives me the readout of which digital lines
    are on/off. If you know of a quad channel unit, that would be even
    better, perfect in fact.
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