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looking for a part time motherboard tech in Texas

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Mikel Giles, Apr 14, 2004.

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  1. Mikel Giles

    Mikel Giles Guest

    I am looking for a part time motherboard tech in the DFW area. I have
    over 100 PC motherboards that I bought. They are mostly Compaq and
    were sold to me as a mixture of shelf pulls and returns. Some of them
    have notes on them describing a return problem and some have no notes
    at all. I am looking for someone that has the ability to test and
    possible repair these motherboards. Here are some of the model
    numbers in the batch:
    237353-001, 233567-001, 222109-001, 251368-001, 010561-101,
    46991, 3T237, and 187498-001

    Compensation would be worked on a percentage of the final sell price
    of the items. I plan on offering them on eBay and would like to be
    able to offer most as 'working motherboards' which will enhance the
    value of the boards. The motherboards are located in Denton, TX

    If interested, email me so we can discuss the possibilities.

    Mikel Giles
  2. David

    David Guest

    Throw them away, they are worth very little if they need any repairs at all.

    What kind of repairs do you really expect to be performed on a multilayer,
    high density board with absolutely no service information available.

    The boards with the capacitor problems are even getting old enough that they
    do not warrant much time on the labor side to fix.

    Any quality tech with the skills and equipment to do what you want is going
    to require a minimum of $30 per board just to check it out!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. You shouldn't have bought the boards.

    First off, they're Compaq. These boards are likely to be of the proprietary
    type instead of being industry standard ATX. You'll have to find the right
    kind of computer cases to install these boards into and these boards may only
    work with a limited selection of CPUs and memory. If you only have the boards,
    then you'll have a hell of a time trying to locate cases that will work.

    Motherboard repair can be both complex and expensive. Most of the time,
    serious problems, such as a failure of the northgate, southgate, or BIOS may
    not be worth repairing. In the case of Compaq boards, they may be next to
    impossible. You may not be able to obtain replacement chipsets of the exact
    kind needed by the mainboard, even from the original supplier. Replacing the
    BIOS with the specific type needed by the board may be impossible. Impossible
    because Compaq may not have replacement BIOS chips for sale and also that it is
    very likely that the BIOS is wave soldered in place instead of socketed, which
    makes replacement all the more difficult without risking damage to the board in
    the process.
    For the services that you ask, you aren't offering enough. I don't mean to
    sound snotty but that's a fact. For the funds needed to pay a competent tech
    to repair the boards along with parts and the labor to build up computers to
    sell, the price you may have to charge to pay for all services to make the
    computers may exceed their actual value. - Reinhart
  4. Jovit P

    Jovit P Guest


    I've checked the model numbers you've given, over half are for
    notebooks! I've previously worked with one of Compaq's OEMs in Taiwan as
    an RMA board level repair tech for their Presario line.

    Sorry but I have to say that you need access to BIOS for different board
    revision, replacement ICs of the right revision, complete documentation
    of the boards and the right equipment. I doubt you have any of the
    above. Majority are not easy fix like replacing an electrolytic
    capacitor or cleaning contacts.

    I suggest you sell them "as is" and forget about the whole repair idea.


  5. hehehehe...Compaq ?? umm...serves ya right... :>)

    seriously...get the boards crushed and write off to tax serious
    tech would even consider what you're asking as any viable proposition. These
    boards will most definately be proprietory, have customised bios etc and
    there isn't a chance in a million you will have access to the gear needed to
    even successfully test them. I suspect there is a compaq engineer smiling
    right now at your post...

  6. Mikel Giles

    Mikel Giles Guest

    Seems like everyone is smiling but me :) I bought the boards because I
    thought most were shelf pulls and then found that I had 'BEEN HAD big
    time and decided to look into how to figure out if any were good.
    They were listed as a mixture of RMA returns, shelf pulls, and just
    returns. Most have mfg reject tags or RMA sheets with them. Some
    were not marked at all but I am afraid that they are RMA or rejects
    with the markings missing!

    Thanks to all for the replies.

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