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looking for a oscilloscope, budget is abt US$500

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Yoong Ping Lim, Sep 21, 2005.

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  1. Hi all,

    I have a budget of us$500. Looking for fft, digital, good value, etc

    Any advice?

    Was looking at the bitscope's, thinking of the 310n and 310u, which is

    Any other recommandations?
  2. Guest

    PC + Fpga + A/D .. ?
  3. Rich Webb

    Rich Webb Guest

    Many of the digital "pocket o'scopes" or "PC o'scopes" have reasonable
    analog bandwidths but relatively horrible sample rates. (Aside: I'd be
    happy to be proven wrong. A decent scope that fits in the laptop bag
    along with the rest of the junk would be A Good Thing.)

    You really want a single shot sample rate at least 3x your highest
    frequency of interest; 5x would be better. On the Bitscopes you mention,
    their top-end sample rate is only 40 Msps, putting Nyquist at 20 MHz and
    "nice looking waveforms" below 8 MHz.

    Be wary of "equivalent sample rates" that rely on multiple sample passes
    on repetitive signals to generate really big numbers.

    From the specs you mention, I'd recommend Tek's TDS1002 (or its bigger
    brothers in the TDS1000/TDS2000 series) or the HP/Agilent DSO3062A or

    All about twice your stated budget, though.
  4. what is diff between 1001 and 1002
  5. Rich Webb

    Rich Webb Guest

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