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Looking for a mini-dv repair shop - any recommendations?

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by David D, May 28, 2007.

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  1. David D

    David D Guest

    I have a mini-dv that needs repair, but I am having a hard time
    finding something locally that will deal with it. Does anyone know a
    reputable place that fixes/repairs mini-dv camcorders that won't break
    the bank?
  2. Charles

    Charles Guest

    Mostly, the manufacturers repair those items.
  3. David D

    David D Guest

    I have recently heard about Mack Camera and Video One I
    was wondering if they might be cheaper, considering original
    manufacturers usually charge a lot of money - last check for me, they
    said $500.00+ for a repair job.
  4. Charles

    Charles Guest

    Could be ... check them out.
  5. b

    b Guest

    'local' usually depends on where you are located. perhaps if you put
    that in your message you'd get some useful answers! or did you mean
    online places?
  6. I'd say that any regular reputable electronics repair shop should be able to
    fix that firewire connector for less than $100 if it is just physically

    - Mike
  7. David D

    David D Guest

    I am local the Toronto area. I would hope that $100 was the case. My
    camera is intermittent when it comes to the firewire, so I am pretty
    sure it is a bad or bent pin. So anywhere in the Toronto area would
    be great for a Sony TRV38. Thanks,

  8. David D

    David D Guest

    Also, if anyone has had good result with another place in USA or
    Canada, I can always mail the camera away. Just looking for someone
    reputable with good prices.- and more importantly, knows dv cameras.
  9. 'fraid you're going to have to turn to Google for a place that fixes
    mini-dv camcorders for a decent price.

    If it doesn't work, then **** it. 8MM has a so much better picture
  10. David D

    David D Guest

    I have googled and found some places, but without some feedback about
    them, it is a crap shoot. I was hoping someone on here might have
    used a place with success.
  11. I'd venture a guess that most people here would fix it themselves rather
    than send it to a shop. Sorry I don't have any real useful input to your
    question. Like I said earlier though check with local tv / electronics
    repair shops if there are any and see what they say.

    - Mike
  12. David D

    David D Guest

    I have been trying that. Most place around here give me that
    quizzical look - "I think I can fix it, but what exactly does it do
    That doesn't fill me with a great deal of confidence unfortunately...
  13. ericsreview1


    Aug 31, 2010
    OK, here's a quick review on Video One Repair... hope people can get something out of it.

    I called them for some issues I was having with my Sony VX2000. I was getting audio dropouts on recordings, tape lock-ups while in playback mode and the jog dial was sticking (yeah, it really sucked!). I was really not wanting to go to any repair shop in my home town because I don't hear good things about any of them at all and they charge $65+ just to look at the camera.

    Anyway, I found Video one on google and called them and they seemed really knowledgeable. They ONLY work on Sony and Canon prosumer cameras, so they really know their stuff (sorry if you've got a Panasonic cam... they don't work on those). They were really nice over the phone too.. I even talked to the owner, Sherman a couple times and he gladly took the time to address my concerns with the camera.

    Turnaround was quick too... sent the camera in on Wednesday and they had it back to me the following Friday... so that's 9 days total including 2 days shipping both ways, me thinking about whether I wanted to fix it or not for a day and a half ($580 to rebuild the entire tape drive and fix the jog dial.. not bad), and a weekend in there too. So their part basically took a day! Camera came back clean and in perfect working order for all issues.

    Oh, and the best part is they have a 6 month guarantee on ANY ISSUES you have with your camcorder! EVEN IF IT'S NOT THE ISSUE THEY FIXED! Of course they said not for water damage or physical damage etc... but WOW! I've NEVER heard of a company doing that!

    So bottom line, if you have a Sony or Canon prosumer camera, I recommend you check them out. It's free for them to look at the camera and free shipping back to you, so you just have to ship it to them (was about $18 for me). Their website is

    Oh, and I also did a video review that you can check out here (yeah, you could say I'm impressed!):
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