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Looking for 8255 PPI IC

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by EN, Apr 8, 2005.

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  1. EN

    EN Guest

    Does anyone have any of these around? I'm breadboarding a project and was
    tinkering about using this olde, Intel 8255 programable peripheral
    Or does anyone know who sells these?
  2. mc

    mc Guest

    I think I have a few, condition unknown, from very old motherboards. If you
    want to buy them, try -- they may still have them, even if
    not catalog-listed.
  3. EN

    EN Guest

    I'll take what you got, if resonable. I'm desoldering some ICs from old
    right now, to save some $$.

  4. Guest

    If unsuccessful, l try this email address. This fellow sells ICs
    without any minimum orders.

    Remove the REMOVETHIS prior to emailing

  5. EN

    EN Guest

    Hi, thanks, I'll try it if I can't find any.
  6. Some 8255A essentially compatibles are still produced and are available
    from Digikey/Farnell/RS Components etc.:
    CP82C55A, MSM82C55A-2RS, µPD71055C-10, but they are expensive.

    These are all alike except that the Harris/Intersil variety (CP82C55A)
    will hold the I/O ports to a "1" state after reset, which may be
    sometimes useful and sometimes annoying.

    -- Andy
  7. There are a lot of older chips in the lates Jameco catalog that I've got in
    my mail just yesterday. Almost all of MCS-80/85 is there as well as 6502,
    6800 etc. 8255s are in in several flavors and they are not even expensive...
  8. EN

    EN Guest


    Someone else said Jameco. I gave them a call and now I got some.
    Now project time. What kind of project can I make w/ this?

  9. dmm

    dmm Guest
  10. crlo19


    Sep 23, 2010
    what are the alternative integrated circuits if there are no 82c55 programmable peripheral interface?
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