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Long PCB prototypes made? 16"

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Mike H, Jun 18, 2005.

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  1. Mike H

    Mike H Guest

    In a previous query from about a year ago witih the subject "LEDs in
    Series with LM334 Current Source" (search google groups for background)
    I was getting some good help. I've built a prototype but now need to
    get some prototype boards made. My test samples are just too unwieldy
    to deal with any further.

    Looking around, the maximum size of many of many houses that deal with
    low quantities is smaller than the piece I need. My board needs to be
    about 16" long and only about 4/8ths of an inch wide. This board
    basically has LED's attached to it for insertion into a mount and lens
    on a automotive tail light.

    Can anyone point me to a company that might be able to deal with my
    need of a long board in low quanties, i.e. inexpensive?

    BTW - I'm using a LM334z with a 2N3906 transistor and a 2.7ohm reistor
    to set the current at a nice solid 19mA. the LM334z is providing
    excellent regulation with a current rise of only about 2% within a
    voltage range of 12.6v to 25v. Should protect the LED's quite well.

  2. fengjianqing

    fengjianqing Guest

    Maybe you send me the file to have a try. But tell me the quantity. Send to
    fjq at

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