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Logic level conv.

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by [email protected], Dec 17, 2004.

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  1. Guest

    Hi i'm working on a project that requires me to interface 2 ICs FT2322C
    & TMC428. the prob is that their logic levels are different
    For FT2322C (1st IC, its o/p fed to TMC428)
    Vol 0.3-0.5
    Voh 3.2-4.9
    For TMC 428
    Vil 0.9-1.2
    Vih 1.5-1.9
    There aren't ne std chips available for this conv. Can ne1 suggest a
    method for the conv.
    Will simple vltg dividers work here?
    Thnx for the repliens in advance
  2. Respectfully disagree. TI has a plethora of parts here:
    such as this one
    which will convert a logic signals between (1.65V to 5.5V) and (1.65V
    to 5.5V).
    Yes, depending on speed requirements.

    A single series resistor may also work; this depends on the protection
    diode inside the input of the 1.8V powered device to limit the

  3. On 16 Dec 2004 20:39:44 -0800, in
    I think you need a new keyboard, a lot of letters are mssng in yr pst


    Serious error.
    All shortcuts have disappeared.
    Screen. Mind. Both are blank.
  4. amnon

    amnon Guest

    Seems like the TMC is using LVDS levels where the FT is regular LVTTL.
    LVDS to LVTTL convertors are quite common, try OnSemi/ MICREL/ TI and such
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