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Log-Periodic Antenna Design

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Rich Grise, Nov 19, 2008.

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  1. Cecil Moore

    Cecil Moore Guest

    There is apparently a "big benefit" for some applications
    contrary to the nay-sayers on this newsgroup. Apparently,
    the self-symmetry of fractals leads to some predictability
    as far as wide-band response goes.
    Don't remember anyone saying that fractals were magic. They
    certainly obey Maxwell's laws. I suspect their advantages,
    like their straight-wire cousins, lie in the predictability
    of their mathematical models.
  2. Jim Lux

    Jim Lux Guest

    As opposed to randomly trying other shapes, I guess..

    So fractals fit in the "handy design approach" category

    JIMMIE Guest

    Fractal design may prove as good of a way of shrinking an antenna as
    any other. Its just pure BS to think it is going to let you make a
    smaller antenna with the same gain as the full size antenna it was
    derived from. It is Mega BS to think that you are going to shrink the
    antenna and achive gain because of anything the fractals will

  4. Cecil Moore

    Cecil Moore Guest

    Since fractal antennas are finding practical applications
    when etched on a PC board, your discussion is about as
    moot at a 160m rotatable Yagi proving that rotatable Yagis
    are not feasible.
  5. Chuck Olson

    Chuck Olson Guest

    Lo and behold, here is one but it's a throw-back
    to a simpler time when the HP42S calculator was an engineer's prized tool.
    If you have a 42S, punch it in and use it. Otherwise, this is mainly a
    learning tool to show how simple the calculations are. I think this design
    could be put onto a Lotus123 calculating spread sheet where all the output
    data windows would suddenly by filled up upon entering the needed input
  6. Chuck Olson

    Chuck Olson Guest

    Sorry I didn't fully describe how to get the file. It's a Word document, so
    the URL above takes you to a page where you can choose "download", and then
    you can open it with Microsoft Word.

    Chuck W6PKP
  7. Chuck Olson

    Chuck Olson Guest

    I'm really disappointed in the comcast customer's website - - I tried to access the program later in the evening and found it required I sign in - - even though I specified the file to be "public". Let me know if you have trouble getting the file. I would appreciate any recommendation for a better way to access the Word document than the use of this comcast facility.
  8. ml

    ml Guest

    no more free tv?? where do you live?

    here in the usa over the air tv is , was and shall remain free

    in feb it will switch to digital however shall still be free
  9. Dave

    Dave Guest

    Digital is a major step toward "conditional access".
  10. Until you get to the requirement to line the pockets of the converter

  11. Even they used to be free, if you knew where to dumpster-dive. ;-)

  12. Being required to turn over my hard-earned cash to further enrich the
    rich fat white executives.

  13. Rich Grise

    Rich Grise Guest

    Too late! I've already built the 4-bay bowtie:

    But I used ER70S-2 1/16 weld filler rod (stiffer than a coathanger, and
    copper-plated; solders like a dream):

    And it works just spiffy! I had to go to Whittier Electronics to get
    the balun, since RS seems to have dropped them from their line-up:

    It was $2.99; the rest of the antenna was free. :)
    (yes, I'm really that broke. )-; )

  14. Guest

    A converter box can be had for about the same amount of cash as a cup
    of coffee after using the coupon, so that arguement is moot.

    What "rich fat white executives" do you think are getting enriched by
    the switch since almost all the converter boxes are made in China?
  15. Guest

    The converter boxes are essentially free with the coupon and you get two
    of them.
  16. Cecil Moore

    Cecil Moore Guest

    After the $40 free coupon, the DTV converter box costs
    $10. If you skip three Whoppers, you've got the money
    and are a healthier human being to boot. :)
  17. Guest

    There are several outfits with converter boxes for $40.01, which makes
    your cost 1 cent.
  18. Chuck Olson

    Chuck Olson Guest

    Thanks, Rich - - it looks great. I'm going to try putting one together,
    too - - the phased quad bow-tie is very popular so it must be a good
    performer. And the price is right.

  19. Rich Grise

    Rich Grise Guest


  20. Rich Grise

    Rich Grise Guest

    You don't have to if you know where to dumpster-dive.
    I hate self-righteous peopoe almost as much as I hate rap.

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